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How to Identify and Destroy Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood

How to Identify and Destroy Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a newly released survival horror game developed by Turtle Rock Studios. Back 4 Blood is an exciting yet complicated game where the players have to defeat the Zombies to reach the end. There are 4 Acts in this game, and each Act consists of several chapters and levels.

As you have progressed through the game, you’ll get the task to destroy the Nest Nodes. It is not a very simple mission to accomplish. This article will help you know how to identify and destroy Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood.

How to Identify and Destroy Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood

It is not very tough to identify the Nest Nodes. Once you cross the ferry and enter the Blue Dog Hollow,  you’ll find the Holland Farm there. Eventually, you’ll reach the broken bridge, where you need to destroy two of the Nest Nodes around the Farm. Nest Nodes spawn randomly, so check each spot to know where they have spawned.

Nest Nodes can be identified by their tentacle designs, and once you reach them, you’ll find the red balls, start shooting them even before you get the objectives. You have to hit each ball separately, and on shooting, they will generate a gang of Ridden enemies. So be prepared for a good fight. Once you defeat the gang, hit the next ball.

You can shot the Nodes from afar if the enemies follow you. Once you are done with the Nest Node, follow the fleshy tendrils to reach the massive Nest Node. This time your target is bigger and hard to defeat, but you have to destroy it. You can damage them with gunshots, but to speed up the process, use a melee attack to destroy them in one attack. You can divide your team and split tasks among you to complete them faster.

Once you have destroyed all the Nest Nodes, you will get your next objective. Identifying the Nest Nodes is not challenging but destroying them entirely is pretty tough. If you are stuck on this mission and don’t find a way to complete the objective, go through the above guide to identify and destroy the Nest Nodes.

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