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How to Get the Omnium Beast VII Mount in Tower of Fantasy

There are various Mounts to find in Tower of Fantasy, but the Omnium Beast Mount is one of the harder mounts to find and assemble. You get the mount, you need to assemble all the parts. There are three components to the Omnium Beast VII; the cockpit, right arm, and left arm. In this guide, we will see where to locate all of them and build the Omnium Beast VII Mount in the Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get the Omnium Beast VII Mount in Tower of Fantasy

You can use mounts to get around the regions quicker, and they are quite handy while in battle too. You can discover certain mounts after completing Chapter One, but some of them are harder to attain. Here we will see how to get the Omnium Beast VII in Tower of Fantasy.

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You can start assembling the Omnium Beast VII after completing Chapter 2. After unlocking the Banges region, head there to get the three components to assemble your mount.

How to Get the Omnium Beast Left Arm in Tower of Fantasy

Once you reach Banges, head south till you reach the southernmost Spacerift waypoint. From there, head north till you come across the Banges Shelter. You will notice a Supply Pod inside covered by a force field. You can also find four scrapper robots nearby that hold the code to unlock the force field. The code you have to input is 1647. Once the force field is down, open the Supply Pod to get the Left Arm component.

How to Get the Omnium Beast Cockpit in Tower of Fantasy

After collecting the left arm, teleport to the southwest waypoint in Banges called Spacerift: Signal Station Ruins. From here, head west till you reach the oil rig. There is a Hyena Guard who you can interact with. Select the first option twice while interacting.

After that, head to the Banges Dock to talk to Port Guard Lozwall. Collect the code from him and head back to the Hyena guard. Now pick the third option twice while interacting. Head into the rig, head up, and on top of the platform, you will find a Supply Pod containing the Omnium Beast VII Cockpit.

How to Get the Omnium Beast Right Arm in Tower of Fantasy

The last component for the Omnium Beast mount is also the hardest to get. You need to defeat large World Bosses called the Behemoths found in Banges and Navia. The Right Arm component is a rare drop, so you need to find and defeat as many Behemoths as possible till you can get the drop. You can locate them on the map by a skull symbol.

Once you have all the parts, you can start crafting the Omnium Beast VII mount and use it whenever you like.

That’s all there is to know about the Omnium Beast VII Mount in Tower of Fantasy. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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