God of War Ragnarök

How to Get the Compass in God Of War Ragnarok

How to Get the Compass in God Of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is finally available for players who have been waiting a long time for the action-adventure video game. Along with the main story mission, you also have a lot of side quests to complete in this game. There are resources to collect and puzzles to solve as well. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to get the compass in God of War Ragnarok.

God Of War Ragnarok: Where to Find the Compass

There are nine realms in the game God Of War Ragnarok, which is quite a lot. You might need some help getting around, which is why the game has a compass for you. But first, you will need to find it.

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Side quests later in the game demand the use of a compass due to the open world, where you are free to explore on your own. You will have a much easier time with a compass in your hands to guide you where you need to go.

Once you have reached Nidavellir in Svartalfheim, you will find yourself in a tavern in the main story mission. A dwarven bard will give you directions to find Durlin, as well as a side quest which are called Favors. You will need to boat your way to the north, so a compass would be handy right about now.

Thankfully, at the west exit of the tavern, Sindri is waiting for you with a new device. Once you take it, the compass will appear on your screen and give you information on where you need to go. Side quests will show up as a blue icon so you should have no trouble discerning them from the orange of the main quests.

Remember that the compass will only point you towards the shortest path to your quest location, but you will need to look for the path on your own. If you are looking for something specific like Rune Chests or materials like Asgardian Ingots, you can check out our guides.

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