How to Get MH Rise Great Stoutbones | Monster Hunter Rise

As you progress further into the game and achieve higher ranks, there will be rarer items you need to collect to better the weapons and armor. The Great Stoutbones is a superior version of the Stoutbones and required for Dragonsong or Blade of Talos. Defeating monsters is the only way to get the item in Monster Hunter Rise. While the Stoutbones was easier to find, the Great Stoutbones has a significantly lower drop rate. So, you may have to grind a bit for it. Here is how to get Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

How to Get Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

There are two ways to get Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise, as a reward for 7 Star Quests and as a target reward for hunting High Rank Rajang. You can find these monsters on various maps on the game such as Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, Frost Islands, and Lava Caverns. The drop rate is very low; however, if you keep hunting the monster eventually you will get the Great Stoutbones.

Rajang MH Rise

When you do get the item as a drop, it’s usually a pair of them. You should also continue doing the 7 Star quests to get the Great Stoutbones as a drop. Once you have the material, there are a range of items you can craft using it.      

Defeating Rajang on its own can take a while. Your strategy in the fight should be to take it out of the rage mode, it is done by hitting its tail. But, since the beast was a part of the previous title in the series, you already know some of its moves. After beating it a few times, you will get used to the attack moves making the farming of Great Stoutbones easy.

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