Sonic Frontiers

How to Get Memory Tokens in Sonic Frontiers

How to Get Memory Tokens in Sonic Frontiers

The new platform game Sonic Frontiers is out, and you will need to help Sonic the Hedgehog get back to his friends. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to get memory tokens in Sonic Frontiers.

Where to Find Memory Tokens in Sonic Frontiers

There are a lot of collectibles that you will be able to find on Starfall Island. Some of them are integral to the progression of the game, so you will need to collect them in order to get ahead. One of these items is the memory tokens which are scattered throughout the island. You will be able to spot them easily once you know what you are looking for.

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Memory Tokens are very important to the game as you will need to collect them in order to talk to your friends. As Sonic has fallen through a wormhole and been separated from his friends, he needs a way to contact them. You can help him by collecting these Tokens.

Once you begin exploring the island, you will realize that there are certain spots where you can perform tricks such as springs or jumps. When you have completed the trick, you will be granted Memory Tokens. Thus, these are objects which you will get at random spots on the map. 

You can recognize these spots if there is an indication that you have to perform a trick. If there is a spring or a boost pad, you will need to perform the necessary trick in order to get your reward. So, all you need to do is explore the island as much as you can.

Another activity that can fetch you Memory Tokens is defeating small enemies around treasure spots. These are glowing item boxes which can be found anywhere on the map, and will give you a lot of Memory Tokens at once. You will also be able to participate in fishing through portals by playing the fishing minigame. This will give you tokens that you can use to buy some Memory Tokens.

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