How to fix Nvidia graphics card errors in Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft recently rolled out the Windows 11 22H2 update, which is far from perfect. Several users have reported bugs and errors that worsen their Windows experience. One such error is encountered by users who rock an Nvidia graphics card in their system. According to users who face this problem. the CPU usage shoots up and the Nvidia game overlay stops working or makes the video game extremely stuttery.

The Windows 11 22H2 update is a major overhaul of the operating system. This version marks the first significant update in Windows 11. Many new features have been introduced. Alongside, some old Windows features like drag and drop have also been reinstalled into its latest iteration.

But, some policies have frustrated users, to say the least. Users have previously reported the Download Error 0x800f0806 when updating KB5017321 Win 11 22H2 Version.

More updates on Nvidia graphics card errors in Windows 11 22H2

Several users have reported a specific scenario in which the error kicks in with the latest Windows 11 22H2 update installed. When Alt + R is pressed, the Nvidia overlay is pulled up. However, doing this causes the video game to stutter badly. According to a user, pulling the in-game overlay up in Win 11 22H2 reduced the framerate by a whopping 87.5%. The issue has been reported in games like Farming Simulator 22, and more.

The worst part about this bug is no official fix has been rolled out yet. Thus, gamers will keep facing this error in video games. However, Nvidia has acknowledged the error and they are working on fixing it as we speak.

Potential workarounds to solve Nvidia graphics card errors in Windows 11 22H2

Fix 1. Install the latest version of Geforce Experience

Some users on Reddit have reported that installing the latest version of Geforce Experience fixes the issue for them.

Download the latest version of Geforce Experience here:

Fix 2. Disable Nvidia FrameView SDK Service and Variable Refresh Rate and Optimizations for Windowed games

Another Reddit user has reported that disabling the following has fixed the issue for them.

  1. Nvidia FrameView SDK Service
  2. Variable Refresh Rate and optimizations for windowed games

If these modifications do not fix the issue for gamers, they can revert back to the original setting.

Fix 3. Fill out Nvidia’s driver feedback form

Nvidia has been actively asking users to fill out their driver feedback form to better investigate the issue. Users can try helping the company fix the issue. Although this may not directly solve the problem, it can act as a stepping stone toward it.

Nvidia’s driver feedback form:

Fix 4. Revert back to the previous version of Windows

If all of the above fixes fail, users can revert back to the previous version of Windows which is not riddled with these problems.

Fix 5. Remove Nvidia drivers by using DDU

If users do not want to revert back to the previous version of Windows, they can remove Geforce Experience and Nvidia drivers by using a utility named DDU.

Download DDU:

DDU is a free-to-use tool that removes all display drivers from the system. However, it is worth noting that users may run into display-related problems in case no display drivers are present in the system.

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