How To Fix BONELAB Crashing issue on Oculus Quest 2 & PC

How To Fix BONELAB Crashing issue on Oculus Quest 2 & PC

BONELAB is a fresh launch in the VR gaming space with its impressive physics engine and highly complex & detailed gameplay mechanics. For many users unfortunately, BONELAB is unable to launch and is crashing on both Oculus Quest 2 and PC platforms. In this guide we help you to fix the crashing issue with a couple of fixes that should help get the game started.

Update Oculus Quest 2 Headset Software & disable experimental features

For the Oculus Quest 2, make sure to disable experimental features present under Settings>Experimental Features. These are not tested on all games and might be preventing you from launching BONELAB.

Make sure to also go to Settings>System>Software Update to make sure your Oculus VR headset is running on latest software.

Reinstall the game or verify game integrity

Open Steam, go to the Library and select BONELAB. Right click on it and select Properties. From there, go to Local Files and select ‘Verify Integrity of game files’. You can also reinstall the whole game by deleting it on Steam and initiating the launch again.

Enabling SteamVR for OpenXR Runtime & optimize visual settings

In SteamVR settings there is the option to set which OpenXR Runtime will be used. To avoid issues make sure this is set to Steam VR. Under visual settings, make sure the resolution is set to 100-150% to test the game under normal conditions to make sure it launches.

Installing GPU drivers with factory settings and clean install

Download the latest drivers from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel with their corresponding links by clicking on the name for your GPU manufacturer.

Intel Graphics Drivers

NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers

After downloading them, launch the device driver utility and make sure that once you go through the options you select the options for ‘Restore to Factory Defaults’ and ‘Clean Install’. This ensures that any trace of previous GPU drivers and components are completely removed, and then installs the latest graphics driver.

Your system will automatically restart afterwards.

Image Credits: Intel

Performing latest Windows Updates

Windows Updates contain the latest definitions and driver updates required by your PC to function optimally. Several users have been able to start BONELAB after performing Windows Updates as well.

Go to the Settings of your PC, and scroll down to Windows Update. Here, you must click on ‘Check for updates’ to get the various feature updates and drivers too. Try launching BONELAB afterwards.

We hope this guide helped you in fixing BONELAB on your Oculus Quest 2 and PC from crashing. Thank you for reading and do check out our other BONELAB error fixing guide for black screen and loading fixes here.

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