How To Fix BONELAB Stuck on Loading Screen and Black Screen Issue

How To Fix BONELAB Stuck on Loading Screen and Black Screen Issue

BONELAB is a newly released VR game for PC VR headsets and the Oculus Quest 2. Being a new game it is bound to have a few issues at launch, and many users are reportedly stuck on the loading screen of BONELAB, with others reporting a black screen issue while trying to play the game. In this guide we will help you to resolve both issues.

Solutions for fixing BONELAB stuck on loading screen and stuck on black screen problem

Updating your VR headset’s firmware and set SteamVR as OpenXR Runtime

In the SteamVR app, under the section of Devices > Update Device you will find the options to update your VR Headset’s firmware. Doing this is a major fix for many people and also makes sure your VR headset is running the latest firmware.

Additionally, go to Settings > Developer and find the set OpenXR Runtime option. Make sure SteamVR is selected. 

For Oculus Quest headsets, go to Settings > System > Software Update to find the latest updates for your VR headset. In the event that you own other VR headsets, look at the manufacturer’s support resources to understand how to update its firmware. Make sure you also trying to switch between Air Link, Virtual Desktop and wired connection to see if it fixes your issue.

Clean install of graphics drivers

To do this, we recommend downloading the latest driver from your manufacturer website – the links for which are given below:

Intel Graphics Drivers

NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers

Once downloaded, you must install the device driver through the setup utility, making sure to check the option for ‘Clean install’. This is a tickbox that is present on the driver setup utility before you start installing the drivers.

Image Credits: NVIDIA

Make sure to restart your computer afterwards, although the graphics driver utility should automatically trigger it. Let’s move on to more solutions.

Windows Update

Many users have reported that Windows Update must have the latest definitions and drivers installed for your PC to ensure the game loads without a black-screen or being stuck at the loading screen of BONELAB. To make sure your Windows is updated, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Windows Update” by either accessing it through the Windows search menu or by going to Settings > Windows Update
  1. Once you’re at the Windows Update Screen, press the ‘Check for updates’ button. The OS will then scan for updates and will let you install them with ease.
  1. Once done, attempt launching BONELAB again.

We hope this guide helped you in fixing BONELAB’s black screen and stuck on loading screen issues. If you’re still running into issues, comment down below with the specifics and we’ll try to get back to you. Meanwhile, check out our other content here.

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