How to Fish in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Just like the previous title in the Monster Hunter Series, you have the opportunity to catch fish in Rise. Different types of fishes can be used to craft a range of items in the game. So far, we know that there are eight types of fish in the game, namely – Goldenfry, Goldenfish, Big Combutsuna, Combutsuna, Great Whetfish, Popfish, Scatterfish, and Sushifish. Fishing is Monster Hunter Rise is quite straightforward, but first you need to find the fishing spot. Stick with the post and we will show you how to fish in Monster Hunter Rise and how to find fishing spots.

How to Find Fishing Spots in MHR

Before you start to fish, you need to locate specific spots with body pf water and fish in it. Fortunately, the game provides you the tools to locate the exact location of the fishing spots. Open the detailed map and change it to Icon List Selection. Now, press the X button to open the Icon list, go to Materials 2. Use the keypad to locate the fishing spot category. Press A to select the category. You should not be able to see all the fishing spots in the Area. In you are playing the Shrine Ruins, there are just 2 fishing spots in Area 6 and 13.

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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Fish

Once you have located the fishing hole, the process of fishing is very easy. Here is how to fish in Monster Hunter Rise.

  1. Locate where the fish are and then, cast the line by pressing A
  2. Wait for the fish to catch the bait. When it starts to bobber, press A to reel in

That’s it, there is nothing more to fishing in Monster Hunter Rise. Which variety of fish you catch is purely based on RNG. If you don’t get the fish you want in the first try, keep repeating the above process.

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