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How to Farm Gold Coins in Cult of the Lamb

How to Farm Gold Coins in Cult of the Lamb

Gold Coins are an important item in the game used to purchase various types of things from Vendors. Gold Coin is the only currency in Cult of Lamb and is quite useful in purchasing a lot of things. In the beginning stages of the game, the resource is also scarce and there is no use for them too. But, as you progress, you are awarded more gold coins that you can use to purchase blueprints and other important items. There are a few ways to farm Gold Coins in Cult of the Lamb that we will talk about in the article.

How to Get More Gold Coins in Cult of the Lamb

While the Gold Coin has many uses, you will likely find the first use when you come across the NPC Forneus. She will have on display a lot of items. The blueprints she offers are usually free, but you will also have the option to buy Ambrosia. Ambrosia as per the game is, “Drink deep the liquor of Gods.” Its effect is, “Increased curse attack damage by 1.25x.” So, it’s a buff like the ones provided by Tarot cards. We were short by one coin at the time so we could not get it. You can also farm some hearts at Forneus by destroying her surroundings.   

Open Chests after Boss Fights

You will start collecting gold coins from the very start of the game. When you clear any area in the game, a chest will drop which contains gold coins and other resources. Not all chests have gold coins, but most of them do. At the very beginning of the game, you get just one gold coin in your chest which increases as you progress. After you defeat the first boss, you get a lot of gold coins. You can also open chests in the temple before the red door with the green pool to find more gold. Getting better chests will increase your chances of getting more gold. The Rabbit’s Foot tarot card can greatly increase the amount of gold you get. The chests that drop after boss fights provide large quantities of gold.

Farm Bosses for Gold

You can also return to bosses that you already defeated and beat them again to farm the gold coins. You can do this endlessly. The second time you beat the bosses, you will not get the heart but other resources including gold coins.

Farm and Sell Resources

One of the best ways to get tons of gold is to farm and sell the resources, but the method only becomes available after you have cleared Darkwood. You can interact with the chest near the alter and sell the items you don’t need.

Smelt Gold Nuggets into Coins

Another resource you can find in chests is the Gold Nugget. When you defeat bosses in the game, you are given options to choose between resources that you can take. You can choose the gold nuggets. Also, you can follow paths that have the rock icon as it can sometimes spawn gold nuggets when you destroy rocks like in the above image.

Once you have the nugget and have already set up the Refinery, you can convert the nuggets into Gold Coins.

Watch our video on how to farm gold.

So, this is how to farm Gold Coins in Cult of the Lamb or get more gold. That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more guides and tips on how to play the game.   

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