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How to Defeat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok

How to Defeat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok

In God of War games, enemies and bosses are among the most attractive aspects. Without them, these games can’t be that much fun. While playing God of War Ragnarok, you will find multiple powerful enemies, and Heimdall is one of them. Heimdall is undoubtedly one of the most challenging enemies players can get in God of War Ragnarok. So, it is no surprise if you get stuck while defeating him.

This guide will help you know how you can defeat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Heimdall Fight Guide- How to Beat Him?

If you have played the previous God of War Games, especially the God of War 2018, you have definitely heard about Heimdall. He is the half-brother to Thor, Tyr, and Baldur. His unique power is that he can see the future- everything going to happen in the nine realms will be within his knowledge. So, Heimdall is one of the most challenging enemies to defeat.

The Heimdall fight has three phases- first, Kratos has to defeat Heimdall’s beast, Gulltoppr; the Other two phases have the fight with Heimdall. As the fight begins, players find Heimdall sitting on a giant beast, and to start fighting with him players first need to take down the beast.

God of War Ragnarok Heimdall Fight Guide- How to Beat Him

Let’s jump into the fighting process of the Gulltoppr first. This giant beast has a giant health bar. The beast has a particular set of gallop attacks that players can easily avoid using their shield. Also, we recommend using Kratos’ Spear during this fight. Keep hitting the animal with it. The more you hit it, the more health it will lose. However, occasionally during this fight, Heimdall throws Bifrost attacks at Kratos. Pay attention and avoid them.

Once the beast is taken down, Heimdall arrives at the battle arena, and the fight begins. You can throw the Spear at him to deal damage or throw the Spear in the way of Heimdall a few times, call it back, and then hit it on the ground to explode them. These explode cause damage to Heimdall. Doing this a few times will make Heimdall lose lots of health and become an easy target whom you can hit.

God of War Ragnarok Heimdall Fight Guide- How to Beat Him

Heimdall also has the Realm Shift ability, so he can slow down time and close the distance between you two. This time is vital as he attacks immediately. So, watch for his moves and parry or dodge his attacks. However, it is much tough to do than say.

Once the first phase ends and the cutscene comes where Kratos cuts the hands of Heimdall, he gets a Bifrost Arm and starts attacking Kratos again.

God of War Ragnarok Heimdall Fight Guide- How to Beat Him

This stage will be a little more complicated. This time with his previous moves, Heimdall gets a new move where he hits hard on the ground with his fists and launches a Bifrost attack which must be avoided; otherwise, it deals massive damage. Use the Spear during this stage, as no other weapon significantly damages Heimdall. Keep attacking him while watching for his attacks.

At this stage, when you take him down, he is finally defeated. This fight is one of the hardest in God of War Ragnarok and takes a considerable amount of time to complete. However, don’t lose patience and concentration. If you keep calm and use proper strategy, no matter how long it takes, you’ll finally win.

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