God of War Ragnarök

How to Defeat Fraekni The Zealous in God of War Ragnarok

How to Defeat Fraekni The Zealous in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most awaited games of the year. Players have been waiting for this game for a long time. However, playing the God of War Series games without enemies is impossible. Since the beginning of the game, there will be tons of enemies Kratos encounter and defeats to progress forward. Fraekni The Zealous is one of them.

This guide will help you know how to defeat Fraekni, The Zealous in God of War Ragnarok.

Fraekni The Zealous Boss Fight Guide in God of War Ragnarok- How to Beat?

Fraekni The Zealous is the first Berseker boss players find during this game. Berserkers are one of the types of enemies players encounter during their journey. However, the first Berserker boss is not hard to defeat though it takes some time to defeat him.

The boss has a giant axe, which is the only weapon he will try to hit Kratos with. If you notice, you’ll easily find that the boss has only a few attacks that he can perform on Kratos- Hit Kratos with the Axe, Fly and hit Kratos, and an unblockable dash. Though the other attacks can be blocked, the dash attack is the only attack players can’t block. Based on the difficulty level, this attack can kill people in a single hit. So, during this fight, players mostly need to dodge and parry the incoming attacks as the boss attacks frequently.

Fraekni The Zealous Boss Fight Guide in God of War Ragnarok- How to Beat

We recommend players use the Blade of Chaos while fighting Fraekni The Zealous. It is better to stay close to the boss while fighting. It can’t attack it brutally if you stay close and attack him. Use Kratos’ Rage to deal considerable damage to the boss. We suggest getting an aggressive stand and attacking the boss back-to-back with the Blades of Chaos while blocking its attacks.

There’s no particular strategy to defeat Fraekni The Zealous, in God of War Ragnarok. The boss will not be challenging to beat as long as you can avoid his attacks and keep attacking him to deal damage. Watch his moves, prepare to dodge them, and immediately after that, start hitting the boss before he launches his next attack. Follow this method and calm your head to defeat the boss.

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