God of War Ragnarök

Best Armor Sets in God of War Ragnarok

Best Armor Sets in God of War Ragnarok

Armor Sets are key to playing safe and surviving in God of War Ragnarok and here in this article we discuss two of the best ones in the game.

God of War Ragnarok has been out for a while now and while the game’s been sweeping the charts, we went ahead and did some equipment testing for the players. Since combat is one of the game’s most attractive features, it makes sense why it has so many weapons, shields and armor set to best suit our individual playstyle. In this article, we’ll discuss two of our favourite armor sets and some additional equipment that synergises perfectly with them.

Top 2 Armor Sets in God of War Ragnarok

The following armor sets are suited for longevity and DPS and any one of them could be your best pick depending on your playstyle.

Raven Tears Set

The Raven Tears Armor Set is available from the Legendary Chests in front of the Raven Tree in Niflheim. 

Raven Tears Set

How to Get Raven Tears Set in God of War Ragnarok

Once you’ve unlocked Niflheim and killed a certain number of Odin’s Ravens, these chests will unlock. You get the Raven Tears set from the first 3 Legendary Chests on the left of the tree. They have the following requirements which need to be fulfilled to unlock them:

  • 1st Chest: Kill 6 Odin’s Ravens
  • 2nd Chest: Kill 12 Odin’s Ravens
  • 3rd Chest: Kill 18 Odin’s Ravens

Thus you need to kill a total of 18 Odin’s Ravens to unlock all three chests.

Set Effects and Bonuses:

Chest Piece: Hitting enemies has a low Luck chance to grant Healing Mist which grants healing over time but only for a duration of 4 seconds. Since this only triggers upon weapon hits, we recommend the Chaos Blades to be your main weapon while wearing this as they are fast and can hit multiple enemies at once.

Wrist & Waist Pieces: Increases healing received from Healthstones, Rage and Gear. This pairs well with the Chest piece and further boosts the healing abilities of your set.

Alternative Combinations:

The above set also works in great combination with the following armor pieces.

  • Nidavellir’s Finest Plackart: Stun grabbing an enemy grants a Health Burst.
  • Rond of Restoration: This shield attachment grants Kratos a Luck chance to gain Defence and for his next Shield Strike to restore Health upon taking any damage. He has a higher luck chance to gain this bonus the lower his health is upon taking any damage.

Lunda’s Lost Set

This set has to be crafted at the Blacksmith’s and its materials can be found in Vanaheim. Overall it’s a DPS set that lowers enemy levels by dealing Poison DMG.

Lunda’s Lost Set

How to Get Lunda’s Lost Set in God of War Ragnarok

Once you’ve done your Main Mission in Vanaheim, you can explore the map to find 3 Red Chests within which you’ll find fragments which can be used to craft this set. The locations of these red chests are given below:

  1. Noatun’s Garden– The chest is sealed behind a lock.
  1. Cliffside Ruins: Climb up to the higher levels from the left after taking out the enemies in the area. The chest should be inside a room nearby.
  1. The Veiled Passage: The chest is inside a cave which you can get to using your boat after opening a gate.

After obtaining the three broken fragments, you can take them to your Blacksmith and have the set crafted there.

Set Effects and Bonuses:

Chest Piece: Bare Handed attacks, Parrying and Blocking have a high Luck chance to deal bonus damage and poison enemies, lowering their power level.

Wrist & Waist Pieces: Melee attacks against Poisoned enemies do increased damage.

Together, this armor set can lower enemy levels and thus increase your DPS by a mile and it can be especially effective against bosses or elites.

Alternative Combinations:

The following combos further strengthen the Lunda’s Lost armor set:

  • Mists of Helheim: This heavy runic attack for your Leviathan’s Axe allows you to plant your axe to the ground dealing damage and causing an AoE Frost Hazard effect that continuously builds the Frost status on opponents struck by it. This opens you up for some bare-handed attacks which in turn triggers the abilities of Lunda’s armor set.
  • Hilt of Dainsleif: This relic item allows you to slam the ground to cause an explosion of poison and leaving behind Poison Hazard. This further synergises with the abilities of your Lunda’s set.

Both these sets depend on their unique playstyles so if you have problems with survivability then we recommend the Raven’s set and if you instead want to maximise your DPS, then the Lunda’s set is the way to go for you.

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