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How to Complete the Borderline Mission in Modern Warfare 2

There are a set of campaign missions that you can complete while waiting for the official release of Modern Warfare 2, and one of the missions you will receive later on is the Borderline mission. This is the 5th mission in the game, and in it, you need to track down an Iranian terrorist trying to cross the US border. In this guide, we will see how to complete the Borderline Mission in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Complete the Borderline Mission in Modern Warfare 2

The mission starts with Laswell contacting Colonel Alejandro about a case of terrorist smuggling that is being carried out by the Las Almas cartel, and it is up to Alejandro and Rodolfo to stop them from entering the US border. Here we will see how to complete the Borderline Mission in Modern Warfare 2.

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As soon as Alejandro gets word of Iranian terrorist Major Hassan Zyani trying to cross into the US through the Mexican border, he and Rodolfo will travel on speed boats to track down the cartel’s boat. Once it is found, you will take control of Rodolfo and follow Alejandro as they try to find the cartel. But you two have made it too late, and Hassan Zyani has already crossed the border via a ladder placed against the wall. You have to shoot down the cartel who are on the ground, then use the ladder to get up.

While you have lost the visual of the terrorist, Alejandro will still tell you to pursue him. Keep following Alejandro through the grassy terrain till you reach the edge of the suburbs. You can hear a guy yelling at someone to get out of their yard. Make your way through, but try not to startle the civilians. You will soon reach a house where the garage door is slightly ajar. Head inside and try not to fire at any of the civilians, you don’t need more casualties than what is required. In case you do accidentally kill a civilian, you will be taken back to the previous checkpoint to start over.

After investigating the first house and not finding the terrorist, you will head outside. A cartel car will head over your way, take cover behind the broken-down van and try to shoot at the cartel members ahead and behind you.

Once the coast is clear, head right and wait for Alejandro to clear the way. Get inside the house and ask the civilians where Hassan Zyani is, they will start shooting at you. Shoot them back, then head outside. The local police will arrive, you need to put your guns aside and place your hands up for them to not shoot you.

After a brief interaction, you will be ambushed by the cartel. Quickly pick up any weapon from the bodies lying around and shoot them. Some of them will come at you beside the cop car, others are on the roof of the building in front.

Take them all down, then head inside the stash house. There are enemies that you need to take down inside the house, so load up on the best guns and ammo available. Make your way to the second floor and watch the cutscene.

That’s all there is to know about the Borderline mission in Modern Warfare 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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