How to Complete Sniffen ’em Out! Quest in WoW Dragonflight

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WoW Dragonflight is one of the most popular MMORPGs worldwide, with a strong fanbase. Though Dragonflight is the ninth extension in the game, released in November 2022, this extension received considerable popularity with the latest update, and there are several quests to complete. The Sniffen ‘em Out! quest is one of those quests that seem challenging to complete, but with proper guidance, players can complete it easily.

Sniffen ‘em Out! Quest Completion Guide in WOW Dragonflight- How to Do?

MMORPGs are one of the most popular gaming genres worldwide, and World of Warcraft is an example. Released in 2005, this game has been running successfully with a stable fanbase. With each expansion and update, this fanbase only increases. Players love playing the game, and after the Dragonflight expansion was released, this game earned popularity again.

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Playing MMORPG without quests and challenging enemies won’t be thrilling and enjoyable. So, players need to complete quests as they progress through the story. WOW Dragonflight is no exception. The game has tons of thongs to do, and the new update has brought more new things to the game, including new allies, treasures, World bosses, and quests. If you have been trying to complete the Sniffen ‘em Out! Quest, but get stuck, we will help you with the steps.

The quest requires you to dig under 5 big clouds. Though the process is not very complicated, players may get confused if they are unaware of the exact process. The first thing you need to do to complete the quest is to get the Niffen Inscense and get Deep Sniff buff using it.

Sniffen ‘em Out! Quest Completion Guide in WOW Dragonflight- How to Do

As you start using the buff, you will see a scent trail. Make your way to the Scent Trail and climb the big cloud. Once you reach the top, you will get the ‘Dig’ option. Select the option to dig into the cloud. Repeat the same process four more times. As soon as you have completed five clouds, your quest will be done.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete Sniffen ‘em Out! Quest in WOW Dragonflight.

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