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How to Complete Prison Break in Modern Warfare 2

How to Complete Prison Break in Modern Warfare 2

Prison Break is the 14th mission in the game, which means we’re getting close to the end. You will be playing as Soap, based in Las Almas again. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to complete the Prison Break Campaign Mission in Modern Warfare 2. 

Modern Warfare 2 Mission 14 Walkthrough: Prison Break

Before Prison Break, You’ll need to complete the last mission, which is Alone, so if you haven’t already you can check out our guide below.

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You’ll need to follow Ghost in this mission for the most part, taking down snipers and scanning for enemies as you try to break into the prison. After killing the sniper on the prison tower, you will need to drop the target in front of the truck. Take down two enemies on the right as you approach the prison.

How to Complete Prison Break in Modern Warfare 2 1

Use the Ascender to climb up the line to the tower, and drop the ladder down. Get down to the ground and use your stealth skills into the building. You can take down some enemies there, but you will need to do it quietly. You can use the cameras to keep a watch over Ghost, and give instructions on what to do. Together, you can take out all the enemies in the building. 

Above the ladder, tell Ghost to kill the three enemies one by one. Out on the street, he will need to move behind the truck to plant the bomb. Make sure that the guards nearby do not see him. If you get caught the mission is over. Sabotage the next truck in the same manner.

There is a guard on the roof on the left side of the building that you need to take out, to plant the next explosive. Enter the hole in the fence to hide, and kill the enemies there to plant the final bomb on the APC. next, you will need to join the fight and cause as much damage as you can while the prison breaks open.

How to Complete Prison Break in Modern Warfare 2 2

Rescue Alejandro on the second floor and clear the area for your teammates to join you in the canteen. You can now detonate the bombs. Once that’s done, a helicopter will come for you and you will need to run towards the green light to use the Ascender on the prison wall. Jump down the wall and use the escape vehicle to end the mission.

You can check out our video walkthrough for Prison Break Campaign Mission above.

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