How to Complete Living Statue Quest in WoW Dragonflight

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WoW Dragonflight is one of the most popular MMORPGs worldwide, with a strong fanbase. Though Dragonflight is the ninth extension in the game, released in November 2022, this extension received considerable popularity with the latest update, and there are several quests to complete. The Living Statue quest is one of those quests that seem challenging to complete, but with proper guidance, players can complete it easily.

Living Statue Quest Completion Guide in WOW Dragonflight- How to Do?

If you have been an MMORPG fan, you can’t miss World of Warcraft. This game has been running for over a decade and received nine expansions. The Dragonflight expansion was launched a few months back and received an update recently, introducing more new content and quests to the game. The latest update has brought lots of new content like new allies, discovering the mysteries of the Black Dragonflight, finding treasures, collecting Crucible Armor Set, etc. However, there are new quests to complete, some of which are tricky.

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The Living Statue quest is complicated, but if you are aware of the process, this won’t be a significant trouble. This quest requires you to unlock the Etched Titan Chest. The process is a bit tough as there are enemies to fight. If you are confused about the process, you should first take 4 orbs around the room. Once you have located them, place them on the Orb Stand. Now, you may ask how to find these orbs. So, let me tell you, you can smell, burrow, or dig to get them.

Living Statue Quest Completion Guide in WOW Dragonflight- How to Do?

Once the four orbs are placed around the statue, go near the statue and interact with it. It will bring Empowered Protector Lynaera. Players need to get the Heated Titan Key to open the chest, and defeating Empowered Protector Lynaera is the only option to find it. So, fight the enemy, and upon defeat, it will drop the key you need to unlock the Etched Titan Chest. Once you unlock the chest, your quest is done.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the Living Statue Quest in WOW Dragonflight.

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