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How to Check and Update to the Latest DLSS Version

How to Check and Update to the Latest DLSS Version

NVIDIA RTX technique called Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) leverages AI to increase frame rates in games with demanding graphical requirements. It helps gamers to enjoy improved visuals at higher settings and resolutions however, to draw out the full potential of this feature, you must keep it up to date. This article will show you how to check which version of NVIDIA’s DLSS technology your PC game uses and how to update it to the latest versions.

How to Check your DLSS Version?

You can follow the following instructions if you are uncertain about the details of the DLSS version you currently have. The steps are to be followed in the order they are listed:

  • Looking at the nvngx_dlss.dll file in the game’s installation folder will reveal the DLSS version.
  • To see the DLSS version of a game, for instance, right-click the game in your Steam library. The next step is to select Manage > Browse local files. When you open the folder, you’ll find the nvngx_dlss.dll within.
  • For some Windows PC games, the nvngx_dlss.dll file is located in a different subfolder of the game’s main installation directory. Possible alternative locations are the “Binaries,” “engine,” and “bin” directories. If that doesn’t work, you may always use the file browser’s built-in search function, which will bring up the nvngx_dlss.dll file.
  • Right-click on the nvngx_dlss.dll file once you’ve located it. First, you’ll want to navigate the Properties menu and the Details tab.
  • The DLSS version is displayed in the “File version” field.

Updating to the Latest DLSS version

You can manually update to the latest DLSS version in your PC game by downloading the DLL file of NVIDIA DLSS. Techpowerup is where you can search and download DLLs for all DLSS versions. To update the DLSS version:

  • Shut down the game that you are playing.
  • The required DLL file can be found on the website’s left-hand sidebar and downloaded from there. For example, NVIDIA DLSS DLL 2.4.12 V2.
  • Now you have to unzip the downloaded file.
  • Simply replace the game’s nvngx_dlss.dll with the DLL you just downloaded.

Please note that we have provided some helpful hints for locating the nvngx_dlss.dll file in the above section. With that, we have reached the end of this guide on updating your DLSS version to the latest one. You should now be able to maximize the potential of your gaming machine. For testing purposes, you can downgrade the DLSS by downloading any earlier version from the same link and then performing the same steps described above. To read more guides, click on this link. Thank you for reading this article.

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