How to Cancel Animation in Stardew Valley

Animation cancelling is a developer term that means the current animation (ex: like the swing of an axe on a tree) playing on-screen will be cancelled. This will potentially save a lot of time for the players to enjoy other adventures and with a combination of keys, this is possible. Read on to find how to cancel animation in Stardew Valley.

If you hit a tree with an axe, an animation is played. With animation cancelling, the animation of an axe hitting the tree will be cancelled and the player can perform another action quicker.

How to Cancel Animation in Stardew Valley

To cancel the animation the players can simply press: Right Shift + Delete + R

Pressing this combination of buttons while using a tool will cancel the animation. Players need to time this press perfectly. However, there is an alternative available which is more like a modification where if we could combine the three keys (Right Shift + Delete + R)into one key, the cancellation will be much easier.

How to Cancel Animation in Stardew Valley | Combining the Keys

There isn’t an option to rebind all the three keys in the game itself. However, a third party programmer can help with the case.

Proceed as follows – to rebind the keys using AutoHotKey.

  • Download AutoHotKey from this website –
  • After installing go to your desktop, right-click anywhere on the screen.
  • Go to New > AutoHotKey Script.
  • Name the Script anything you like for example Stardew.ahk
  • Right-click on the Script and press Edit.
  • Then on the notepad file that opens, delete everything and paste this complete Script mentioned below. (You may be unable to copy the code here. Please use this Google Doc to copy the code. )

#IfWinActive Stardew Valley


While GetKeyState(“x”,”P”)

 sendEvent {LButton Down}
 sleep 10
 sendEvent {LButton Up}
 sleep 125
 sendEvent {r Down}{Delete Down}{RShift Down}
 sleep 10
 sendEvent {r Up}{Delete Up}{RShift Up}

sleep 30


  • Save this Script file then double click it. It will start running.
  • On the Task Tray at the bottom, you will see a green H icon
  • Next launch the game – Stardew Valley. Load a saved game or create a new one.
  • Next, go to Options, navigate towards the bottom and rebind the X key. You can now have animation cancelling (sometimes you might have issues as the X key by default is the Check/Do Action key so you can rebind the X key in Stardew Valleys options to something else like Spacebar.
  • You can now have quicker tool usage by pressing/holding the X button and cancel the animation.

Hope you can now figure out easily how to save time with animation cancelling in Stardew Valley. For more game updates keep checking this space.

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