How to Beat the Librarian in Darkest Dungeon 2

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Playing a rogue-like RPG game without challenging bosses is impossible. If you have played role-playing games before, you are aware that challenging enemies are an integral part of these games, and they make the game exciting. So, Darkest Dungeon 2 doesn’t break the tradition, and this game also has a few powerful enemies to beat, and the Librarian boss is one of them. If you get stuck during the fight, this guide will help you know how to beat the boss.

Guide to Beat The Librarian Boss in Darkest Dungeon 2- How to Do?

Boss fights are common in RPGs, and players love fighting and defeating challenging world bosses. The more you progress through the game, the more you will find challenging bosses to fight with, and without beating them, you can’t progress further. Darkest Dungeon 2 has several world bosses to fight with, but the Librarian is one of the trickiest ones. However, before progressing further, let me tell you this is an optional boss you can avoid if you want.

Before you prepare for the fight, let’s discuss where you will find the boss. The Librarian boss resides inside the Great Library lair. The Library is located in the Sprawl region captured by the Fanatics. Once you access the region, progress through it, and you will eventually find the Great Library. Though it is a little challenging as the lair spawns randomly, you can use Tracker’s map or Watchtowers to locate the Library lair.

There will be two enemy waves to beat before you finally encounter the boss. He spawns in the fourth row behind three stacks of books. The Librarian inflicts burn damage and drains a heavy amount of health. So, before he goes into the Ignite mode and starts inflicting AoE Burn damage, start doing Blight damage to weaken him. The boss is resistant to burn damage, so you must use Blight damage.

Guide to Beat The Librarian Boss in Darkest Dungeon 2- How to Do

Another thing you should remember is not to destroy the book stacks. We have mentioned that the boss spawns behind three stacks of books, and you must use them to keep your distance from the Librarian. Swipe the position of the books if you feel the book stack near the boss has weakened. As soon as the boss destroys the book stacks, he will enter the Ignite mode, and becomes more challenging. So, before he enters the Ignite mode, keep attacking him with ranged attacks and try to weaken him as much as possible.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat the Librarian Boss in Darkest Dungeon 2.

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