Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Beat Rooter in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Beat Rooter in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Rooter is one of the first Archæans that appears in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. Horridly mobile, these Tier 2 enemies will try to avoid the player’s attacks by teleporting when they take a hit to their health. They’re a rather annoying bunch, as when provoked, they shoot projectiles at the player that ‘root’ them in place – thus staying true to their name. Moreover, at low health, these monsters have the highest Damage Per Hit. So how can you take them down?

Kill the Rooter in Rainbow Six Extraction

It’s vital to ensure they don’t pin you in place with their sticky trap, as getting stuck in the Extraction means pretty bad news. Being immobile, indicated by a red prickly appearance around your screen, is going to make you particularly vulnerable to the other monsters. 

The Rooter will shoot pesky projectiles when it spots you, in the form of coral spikes to trap their enemies in place and subsequently attack them. You’ll be able to recognise when they begin their powerful attack with their arms raised – and this is something to make a note of. When their ability is activated, it appears that they cannot move around anymore – which seems like a weakness the player can take advantage of.

Like the Smasher, it seems like a good idea to get behind the Rooter and attack them from that angle. A decent melee weapon will be able to take them out with just one hit.

Sometimes the best way to deal with these creatures is to strike first before they’ve had a chance to attack you. If you’ve got a Paralyzis grenade, you can use it to quickly and effectively freeze the Rooter before they strike, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Alternatively, you can avoid his aggression entirely by using the cloaking ability of the operator Vigil, with which you can circumvent around the Rooter and backstab them.

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