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How to Check (R6) Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status – Are Servers Down Today

How to Check (R6) Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status

Rainbow Six Extraction takes a lot of things from the previous titles in the series with one main difference, Siege was a PvP, while R6 Extraction is a complete PvE with the multiplayer element intact. Any multiplayer game has to rely on servers for the functioning of the game mechanics and an issue with the server can hamper the user experience. Server issues and connection problems share the same error message most of the time, so it becomes difficult for users to identify the actual cause of the error. Checking the Rainbow Six Extraction server status at such a time can save you hours of troubleshooting. Here is how to check the R6 Extraction server status.

Are the Rainbow Six Extraction Servers Down Today?

No, the R6 Extraction servers are not down today. They have not gone down since the launch of the game yesterday. Even though the servers are not down, there may still be issues that may prevent some players from connecting to the server and you may get a range of errors including the ‘Disconnected from host’ error. These errors are likely due to the strain on the servers as more and more players try to play the game. All the connection errors with the game should resolve once the game is a few days old.

However, if the servers are not down, it’s also possible that the problem may be on your end. Something that works most of the time to fix these errors is to reboot the game, power cycle your device, and restart the network hardware. Console players can try a hard reset to flush the bad cache. But, all the troubleshooting comes after you have verified the R6 Extraction server status, here is how to do it.

How to Check Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status

For planned maintenance or downtime to introduce a new patch will be reported in the Ubisoft Twitter handle. So, it’s the place you want to head for any official information on downtime.

But, there are other situations when the servers can go down such as a glitch. Even when the servers are not down, certain features may be unavailable or not behaving as intended, Downdetector is a great place to check that as the website provides you the current R6 Extraction server status as well as the performance of the server over the last 24 hours. You can also scroll down to check user comments who have been having issues with the game and identify if you have the same issue.

If several players are going through what you are, it’s likely the problem is with the R6E servers. So, this is how to check the server status of Rainbow Six Extraction.

R6E is crashing from a lot of players at the time. The issue has been acknowledged by Ubisoft. You can track the changes on the linked post.  

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