Elden Ring

How to Beat Lion Guardian in Elden Ring

How to Beat Lion Guardian in Elden Ring

Upcoming RPG title Elden Ring releases on 25th February and is a survival game that follows the player in their quest to restore the titular Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord. The game has many bosses and enemies that the player needs to defeat with great effort. This guide will take you through the process of beating the Lion Guardian in Elden Ring.

Kill Lion Guardian in Elden Ring

You will encounter the Lion Guardian in Stormveil Castle. There are two paths you can take into the Castle, and one of them leads to the monster. If you choose the main gate, you will have to fight it, so it can be optional as you might want to choose the second game. The Lion Guardian is essentially an optional boss, and no major rewards are earned for defeating them.

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Offensive Strategy

Stealth plays a large role in the game as it is a skill you can learn. Sneak up behind the Lion Guardian before the real battle starts and get a few hits in before they can retaliate.

During the fight, it’s a good idea to hit only once or twice at a time. If you have a ranged weapon, keep a safe distance as you shoot our projectiles. Make sure you only use those with fast projectile speed as the Lion Guardian moves fast.

Defensive Strategy

You can prepare ahead for the fight by saving up on consumables that restore HP such as Flasks, and summon soldiers that might be able to distract the other opponents while you take down the Lion Guardian.

Make sure to dodge all their leaping attacks as the Lion Guardian is unpredictable. Creating space between you and your enemy with pillars might buy you a little time. Essentially, you need to wait for the right opportunity to dodge their attacks as they might move faster than you can expect.

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