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How to Beat Floors 11 and 12 of Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Spiral Abyss

How to Beat Floors 11 and 12 of Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Spiral Abyss

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Spiral Abyss has reset and we finally have a new lineup of enemies. This latest phase is quickly becoming infamous as one of the hardest Spiral Abyss challenges in a long time and in this article we’ll give you some tips to beat it with the best you have and the best you can. 

Version 3.2 Spiral Abyss Guide

Spiral Abyss has been the endgame challenge which most players look forward to beating once they cross AR45. Veteran players look forward to clearing it after every reset as it is the only challenging mode in the game for players who already have multiple fully built teams and characters. 

The Spiral Abyss is a DPS check and for those who have been min-maxing their units through rigorous grinding, this is the place to set records with insanely fast clear times. DPS check is also a term used to categorise these challenges in Genshin which require insanely powerful DPS characters and teams to beat. Version 3.2 Spiral Abyss has some Floors which are rightfully called a DPS check.

Till Floor 11, you’ll be able to deal True DMG in a small AoE to all opponents when you deal elemental or physical damage to them. This does have its own cooldown so don’t expect to just breeze through these floors. Below we’ll give you some tips to beat Floor 11 and Floor 12- both of which most players are having a hard time clearing.

Floor 11

Floor 11 has a flat 200 EM buff for all your characters. Ideally, you’ll thus want elemental reaction teams with powerful DPS abilities.


First Half: Go for reliable DPS characters and preferably a Bow character to use against the weak spots of Ruin Drake enemies.

Second Half: Go for DPS units that are flexible and reliable in multi-target and single-target scenarios. You’ll at least need one Dendro character to cleanse the Dendro Hypostasis. You’ll also need Electro to make that process faster. Pyro is also useful but not necessary.  

For both your teams you’ll need at least one shielder or healer on each party for survivability. Look for team synergies and elemental resonances when picking these supports.


Chamber 1: For the first half you’ll be dealing with Specters but since they spawn at a low level, you can still reliably use melee attacks against them. Once you’ve depleted their HP, they take some time to pop so you can just leave them be and move on to the next wave of Specters. For the second half, you’ll have Eremites whom you can group together and kill en masse. In the end, you’ll also get the special Summoner Eremites which can be harder to deal with but still manageable.

Chamber 2: For the first half you can try to taunt the Ruin Drakes to be close together but if not you’ll just have to take them out individually. For the second half, you’ll have Inazuman enemies- mainly Nobushis but you’ll also get a Mirror Maiden and Treasure Hoarder Potioneers at the end. Take out the Potioneers first as they can get annoying and the Cryo one can freeze you which you do not want while facing a Mirror Maiden.

Chamber 3: Similar to Chamber 2 first half, there are only two Geo Vishaps which need to be grouped and taken out with AoE DPS abilities. For the second half in this chamber, you’ll fight the Dendro Hypostasis. Check out our guide to beat the Dendro Hypostasis to quickly clear this half. 

Floor 12

Floor 12 has no special effects or buffs and the enemies on this floor are insanely tanky and powerful. This floor is meant to be beaten with your skills, talents and investments as a player.


First Half: Use crowd control units as you’ll be facing multiple opponents. You will also need a Bow character to disable the Aeonblight Drake world boss you’ll be facing in Chamber 3. You may use an Electro character to quickly deal with the Wolfhounds and Rifthounds but this is optional. 

A dedicated healer is compulsory for the first half as you’ll be facing enemies who can inflict Corrosion and enemies who can get stronger when you have shields on. Thus your only means of surviving is through dedicated healers.

Second Half: For the second half you’ll need your strongest DPS units and preferably ranged ones to deal with the Thunder Manifestation. Since the Thunder Manifestation is immune to Electro, you cannot use Electro teammates against it so it’s best not to even have one on the team. 

Shielders are recommended for this half to deal with multiple hard-hitting enemies that can inflict Stagger and ruin your rotations and timings.


Chamber 1: For the first half you have the Rifthounds to deal with and you can group them up by fighting them from a corner of the stage. For the second half, you’ll have to fight the Thunder Manifestation. You’ll have to know its attack patterns and preferably dodge most of its attacks as they can quickly eat through your shield. A ranged DPS helps since the boss moves around too much.

Chamber 2: In the first half of this chamber you’ll be fighting Serpent Knights who are very tanky and they get even stronger when you have shields on. They are hard-hitting but easy to dodge so we recommend doing that as otherwise, they will stagger you. They are also sometimes immune to CC abilities and their movements can be random so be sure not to lose your cool and do your best to keep them grouped by moving around a bit and sticking to the corners.

For the second half, you’ll be facing 2 Cryo and 2 Electro Lawachurls. They can one-shot you so do your best to eye-frame their attacks or attack them from a distance instead. Shielders will come in handy against these enemies.

Chamber 3: In the first half, the Aeonblight Drake can be shot down and disabled using bow users by attacking its weak points in the wings when it starts flying. Once it starts making ground attacks, you can also aim for its head to disable it again. For the second half, you’ll only face 4 enemies- the Anemo and Geo Fatui and the 2 Summoner Eremites who are also Anemo and Geo. This half is a straightforward DPS check battle.

It’s safe to say that these two Floors of the Spiral Abyss in Version 3.2 are harder than anything we’ve faced in Sumeru yet. Dendro characters are convenient but if you have powerful Melt or Vape teams, they can also work well. The enemies all have very high HP so don’t be discouraged and keep your cool while eliminating them methodically. 

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