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How to Attack in Clan Capital in Clash of Clans

How to Attack in Clan Capital

With the newest Clash of Clans update out, there is a new way to play the game, which is great news for the more advanced players. Maxed out players have been waiting with full storages, but now they finally have somewhere to spend them. This guide will take you through the process of how to attack in Clan Capital.

Clan Capital Attacking Guide in Clash of Clans

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to attack in Clan Capital before the Raid Weekend begins to maximize your chances of victory. There are great rewards including massive amounts of Capital Gold waiting for you, so make sure to participate and help out your clan.

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Raid Weekends are large scale events which are the only time that you can attack in the Clan Capital. You will need to work with your clan members and fight your way through the enemy bases in order to defeat them and claim your winnings. The first thing you need, to achieve this is a solid clan. It needs to have established Clan Capital so that you can fight enemy clans in Raid Weekends. 

Everyone will have five chances to attack, and can earn an extra attack if they manage to defeat another clan’s district, which is essential to move on to another clan. The more buildings you destroy, the more you can earn in Capital Gold. Additionally, the final player will get a Capital Gold bonus based on how many troops are remaining on the battlefield.

Game rankings are calculated based on how many districts and capitals your clan has defeated. The higher the ranking of your clan, the better will be the rewards. You will also receive passive rewards for defending, so make sure not to neglect upgrading your defensive buildings.

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