How Character Conditions Work in Persona 3 Portable

 How Character Conditions Work in Persona 3 Portable

Persona 2 Portable is the latest edition to the Persona Series. It is the reinvention of Persona 3 as it is available in all the modern platforms.

Persona 2 Portable has a unique mechanics called character condition in which party members condition will affect the stats of them. Its not like status condition in previous games like poison or paralysis. 

The character condition is divided into 4 categories- Great, Good, Tired or Sick. The battle results may affect the members condition or even gameplay choices, so care about what choice you make. Dont worry because in this guide, you will learn what choices or result affects the character conditions. 

How Character Conditions Work in Persona 3 Portable

In order to learn how conditions works, yo first need to know what is considered a great, good, tired or sick condition. 

Good is the natural condition where players start the game, basically the basic stat without any buffs. Great is a step above and gives character boost in stats.

Tired is a one step down from good condition and will lower the stats of the party like accuracy or defence. Tired condition arrives when players takes too much time clearing dungeons. 

Finally the worst condition a player wanna be, Sick condition. Sick is a condition where the already lowered stat from tiredness gets even lower. Attacks dont hit and makes it almost impossible to clear dungeon.  

Now that you know what is character conditions, you need to know stat they improve or lower and how you can take advantage of the conditions. 

1. Great

It is the only condition which positively affect the stats of the petty member but it is very difficult to maintain as every gameplay choices or amount of time to clear dungeons affect the condition of the character. Now what are the benefits you ask, here it is:

  • Increase the critical strike chances
  • Increase the accuracy of the character
  • Characters in great can die but they dont get tired or sick condition when revived
  • Only the protagonist can achieve the great condition. 
  • When a new member join they will also get the great condition

2. Good

Good is basically a normal stat or condition of the character. It is the basic stat which new character comes with. It is the lowest point at which a party can explore new dungeon because anything below will make dungeon unavailable.  There are no benefits of this condition as it is the normal state of the character. If the players dies during battle, it is highly likely that they will tired when revived. 

3. Tired 

This is the most common condition players will find themself in when are clearing dungeons. It is the affect way from the developers to delay or time gate the progress of the players. Players who explore extensively will find themself in this regularly.  Tired condition usually start when the players started to struggle in battle. This condition is cured by taking good rest and sleeping early.  This condition has some derits like:

  • It will reduce the accuracy of the character
  • Characters will take more damage and knocked out character will take longer time to get back up. 
  • Non protagonist character don’t come to tartarus in this condition

4. Sick 

The worst condition a character can be is sick condition. There is certain chance that the protagonist will become sick while in tired condition automatically. This condition can be cured easily by visiting doctor, but the non-protagonist character will take more time to recover, sometimes a week or so. Players need to care about battling when the protagonist in tired conditions as they can be get sick anytime. Sick condition lower the already lowered stat from tired condition which make the battle evn longer and sometimes impossible. 

Thats  all the thing players need to know how the character condition wirks in the Persona 3 Portable. It is recommended that players alway try to keep their protagonist in great condition as it will influence the condition of all the party member. 

If you find this guide on how character condition works in Persona 3 Portable? helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

Shubham Chaurasia

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