Fix Wild Hearts ‘Your game failed to launch’ Error | EA Launcher Not Working | EA Play Not Working

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Wild Hearts has been on early access for some time now, and today it’s officially launched on the Steam client, but ever since the game came out players have been unable to play the game. Those using the EA Play launcher are getting the Wild Hearts ‘Your game failed to launch. An error on our end caused the game to fail. Try again a little later.’ Another set of players trying to play the game from Steam via the EA Play subscription is also unable to launch the game. Here are a few solutions you can try.

Wild Hearts ‘Your game failed to launch’ Error | EA Launcher Not Working

If you are getting the error, ‘Your game failed to launch,’ when trying to launch Wild Hearts from the EA app, these are the fixes you can try.

  1. Restart the PC and the App: You should try to follow what the error message tells you. There, maybe a technical glitch on EA’s end that is the real issue, and no matter what you try, your problem may not be fixed. As a first course of action, reboot the PC and the EA App. Once the PC boots up, try playing the game.
  2. Try Launching the Game From the Executable: Before you launch the game from the executable, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the EA App. Then, launch both Steam and the EA App. With both apps running in the background, try to launch the game from the executable, the .exe file.
  3. Install the Game Via EA App: if you have installed the game via the Steam client. Unisntall the game and install it from the EA App.
  4. Login the EA Website First: Another fix that may work for you is to open the EA website and login. Once done, now login to the EA app and attempt to launch the game.
  5. Verify Integrity of Game Files: While this fix is the most prominent and many players would have already tried it, it worked for some users. What you may not have done before is log into the EA website. Go to the website and log into your subscription. Now, verify integrity of the game files and see if that helps fix the Wild Hearts your game failed to launch error.

There are the best solutions you can try at the moment. EA is aware of the issue and has responded that they are looking into it. Hopefully, they will get behind the issue and release a fix soon before users decide to abandon the game.

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