Warzone Sprint and Loadout Bug Surfaces after Season 5 Update – Is There a Fix

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Warzone is a great game the reason why so many players put up with the errors, bugs, and cheating in the game. It’s also a complex game from the coding point of view. The vastness of the game means there is always something that can go wrong. Every time there is an update, the game introduces some or the other problem. It’s been merely ten hours and players are already reporting a game-breaking bug. A lot of players are facing the Warzone sprint and loadout bug.

The bug in the game disables the sprint ability of the player. In a competitive game such as Warzone without the ability to sprint you won’t be able to play for too long. Here is what you need to know about the bug and if you can fix it.

Fix Sprint and Loadout Bug in Warzone

With every new update, there is the possibility that the patch changed the key binds and that could be causing the issue. So, that’s something you can check before you conclude that you are affected by the Warzone Sprint bug.

Another thing you should know is that if you are using the Tactical Sprint, it only works for a small duration and you run out of stamina. After you run out of the Tactical Sprint, you start to jog until the energy is replenished.

The new bug in Warzone has not just impacted the sprint, but Buy Stations, doors, and loadout drop also seem to not work for a while and get back to normal the other. Players are reporting that for some reason it seems that specific keys on the keyboard stop working.

That brings us to a solution, change the keybind for the sprint and try to play the game. Check if the issue still occurs.

All the issues with the game seem to be connected and caused by the same glitch, especially the Loadout and the Sprint bug. Most of the players who face the loadout bug eventually also encounter the sprint bug, while the other bugs with the Buy Station are completely random.

It has also been noted that interacting with the loadout drop leading to the sprint bug or a few other bugs like the inability to control the character for a minute or two.

So far, there has been no acknowledgment from the developers about the current bugs with the game. We hope that the devs release a patch to address the issue as some of them are game-breaking. We will keep an eye on the situation and update the post when there is more information.      

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