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Fix Warzone Disconnected Due to Corrupted Loadout Data Error

Fix Warzone Disconnected Due to Corrupted Loadout Data Error

Warzone is a great game, the reason why millions of players choose to play the game even with the growing count of battle royale games. But, Warzone is also a buggy game that poses one or the other problem with every update. The community just put behind the Content Package is No Longer Available Error in Warzone and not we have another that is haunting a large number of players and the devs are aware. If you have run into the Warzone Disconnected due to a corrupted loadout data error, here is what we know so far and the things you can try to get past the error.

Can You Fix Warzone Disconnected Due to Corrupted Loadout Data Error

The error was an issue for players over the past 20 days or so and has been resolved by Raven in a patch pushed a few days back. So, for most players, the error should be gone. Just update the game and the error should be gone. Here is what Raven had to say about the error in a Tweet.

In case the patch did not help and you are still getting the Warzone corrupted loadout data error, the first thing you should do is get in touch with the devs. If there is no response, here are some fixes you can try to resolve the error.

  1. If you have the Damascus camo guns in your loadout, remove them and the error should be gone. Also, removing the MW guns from the loadout helps bypass the error.
  2. If you have too many loadouts delete the extra ones and check if that helps ease the issue.

The main cause of the error seems to be an issue with items and camos in the game. The camos on a few DLC guns are the actual cause of this error. Users who removed those items from their loadout, were able to bypass the error.   

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