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Fix Warzone Dev Error 6635

Fix Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 6635

Ever since its launch, Warzone has been giving players a hard time with its dev errors. With every new update, the COD community is exposed to one or more dev errors. The recent update has brought the warzone dev error 6635. The error was first reported about a month back, but recently it has become widespread. While we still don’t have much idea as to why the error occurs, it seems to be mostly occurring on Xbox Series X, but that is not to suggest users on other platforms are not getting it. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can try to resolve the error. Keep scrolling to know more about the issue and what you can do about it.

How to Fix Warzone Dev Error 6635

There is not much to go about with this error code and it’s not even listed on the Activation websites as an ongoing issue. The Warzone dev error 6635 seems to occur later in the game. The most effective fix as of now is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Several users have reported not seeing the error after they reinstalled the game, but this is a temporary solution and may or may not work for every user.

Another important thing to note is when the error occurs. This may vary from one user to the other. Notice when the error occurs, is it when you interact with an item in the game such as a satchel. If the error occurs when you try to interact with specific items like the case with dev error 5573, you may want to avoid those items.

We have another theory as to why the error could be occurring. It may entirely be out of your control and a server-side issue. The error seems to occur repeatedly for players, but sometimes it does not at all, which suggests that the last update could have glitches on the server-end or the game leading to the dev error 6635.

The only permanent solution to the problem can come from the developer end as it does not seem like something caused by the client’s system configuration or the game settings. Here are some things you can try and let us know in the comments.

  1. Restart the PC or console – It should get you into the game temporarily, but you may encounter the error again.
  2. You may also try to reinstall the shaders and use a different operator than the one that you had when the error occurred. To reinstall Shaders, go to Game Settings Menu > Graphics > select Restart Shader Installation.
  3. Finally, try to identify the specific game item that could be causing the error and avoid it.

That’s all we have in this guide. At the moment the most effective fix for Warzone dev error 6635 seems to be reinstalling the game on console as well as PC. We will update the post when we know more. If we missed something or you have something to share, fire away in the comments.     

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  1. Thank you for posting these trouble shoots. Unfortunately none of these has helped. Using the Series X, and only MW skins, guns, banners, and what not, i encounter the Dev Error every other game. It’s almost impossible to finish a WarZone game at this point.

    Can you shed light to why Activision won’t acknowledge this error and why a multi Billion dollar company can’t seem to fix their MOST POPULAR game?

    1. It could just be that the number of players facing the issue is relatively insignificant to the players who don’t have it. Fixing the issue maybe a huge ask, which they don’t want to spend thier dollars on. There are end number of reason when you think of it.

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