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Fix Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 5573

Fix Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 5573

Warzone is a great game, there is no debating that, but it’s also one of the most bugged game. There are occasional bugs with challenges and other game mechanics that arise from time to time after an update. And then, there is the long list of dev errors. We have done several dozen posts on various dev errors and we still find a new one come up every now and then. The Warzone dev error 5573 is currently plaguing the community. The error mostly occurs when you interact with in-game items such as FFAR, flashbangs, stuns, claymore, etc. After the season 4 update, the error seems to be caused by QBZ and MG82.

Once you encounter the dev error 5573 with an in-game item, there is no going back. You will continue to face the error whenever you interact with the specific item. The error does not seem to have any pattern. It occurs at random for any player. Stick with the post and we will tell you more about the error and ways to fix it.

Another dev error that occurs due to a related cause but mostly on PlayStations 4 and 5 is the dev error 5467.   

Fix Warzone Dev Error 5573

Since the new updates have been pushed, Warzone dev error 5573 has been persistent. Activation has acknowledged the error code among one of the ongoing issues with the game. Here is what they said, “We’re investigating an issue where some players are experiencing game crashes leading to Dev Error 5573 or Fatal Error.” The acknowledgment was prior to the launch of Season 4, so it goes without saying that the developers are yet to get to the bottom of the issue and reconfirms our assessment that the Warzone and Cold War integration is the cause. As the two games are integrated so deeply, it may be difficult to address the problem permanently, but that’s our assumption. We could be wrong.

Nevertheless, if you have met the error code, the game will crash and you won’t be able to continue. Under most circumstances, you can reboot the game and continue to play.

However, there is a group of players who report that the game does not even allow them to switch weapons or skin, the solutions known to fix dev error 5573. If this is the first time you have seen the error, we suggest that you create a new Activation account and attempt to play the game. We know this is not the ideal solution, but if the game crashes with the error even before you can switch your weapons or skin, unfortunately, you do not have any other solution.  

Numerous plausible reasons can be the source of this. Server Issues can be a prime suspect since most Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone errors has been caused by new updates. Additionally, outdated GPU drivers on the PC can be another cause of triggering this error. Others can include corrupt game files, coding issues with some content.

From reports, we think for a majority of players, the dev error 5573 is caused due to a bug in the game that triggers the error whenever the user interacts with certain in-game item or uses the Black Ops Cold War operators. The issue does not seem to be caused due to a server problem as a majority of players are able to play without the error. Even though players experiencing the error is large, that’s still a small amount compared to the number of players who play the game. Activation cannot find a solution themselves and have chosen to downplay the issue or fixing the problem is too difficult. Either way no fix or acknowledgement have arrived so far that we are aware of.   

Fans have been lining up their queries on this issue on Activision Support Community but the developers have not gotten back with a formal resolution to this.

Another possible cause of the issue could be individual Activision accounts of players since many of them claimed the game worked fine by using a different account.

And while we’ll have to wait for an official solution, players can meanwhile try the following solutions to resolve Warzone Dev Error 5573.

  • Reboot the consoles/pc, install the latest updates (graphics, OS – so that you’re constantly connected to game servers)
  • Rebuild database on PS4 (helps with troubleshooting on PS4)
  • Check internet connection – the game shouldn’t face any bandwidth issues and while it can work fine with 5mbps download speed, a much faster speed is recommended.
  • Some gamers have also suggested that restarting shaders installation and then changing to a different operator and skin have fixed dev error 5573 (if you are playing on PC, go to game setting menu, navigate to the Graphics tab, find the restart Shader installation option and restart it. Close the game and restart)
  • Don’t use new operators or stuns/flash with new guns. Until the issue is patched, don’t use the Black Ops Cold War operators or loadout, instead, stick with MW operators.
  • Finally, the cause of the problem varies and the fix may as well. As we have observed over the past week, the dev error 5573 crops up when the player interacts with an in-game item such as CW operator skin, animated calling cards, the FFAR, flashbangs or stuns, claymore, etc. We are not suggesting that interacting with these items will lead to the error, just that, the error shows for different users when they interact with different items. So, the best way to avoid the error is to identify the item that causes the error for you and not interact with it.
  • If you can’t identify the items that causing the error or simply don’t want to stop using certain items. We were able to bypass the error for now by using a different Activation account. I know this might not be the fix most of you would want to try as you would have to start anew, but at least it allows you to play the game without the error. Since this works to resolve the error momentarily, we think the dev error 5573 has nothing to do with the system configuration, but a glitch at the developer end that certain users fall prey too.

If a user cannot access the game at all, there may be other common cause of the error besides skins and in-game items. Here are some general troubleshooting we suggest you try. If nothing works, raise a ticket with Activation and hopefully they get back to you with a more effective solution.

How to Fix Warzone Dev Error 5573

Currently, the dev error 5573 seems to be caused due to a game glitch, but it also occur due to a range of other reasons. Prior to Dec 2020, the error occurred when the GPU drivers were not updated, the game was not updated, a problem with the internet connection, or corruption of game files. Although basic, ensure that you have gone this path before raising a ticket with the developers.

Update the GPU Drivers

If the GPU drivers of the game are not updated it can lead to a range of issues. Therefore, ensure that you have up-to-date graphics driver software. NVidia recently released a new Game Ready Driver, ensure that you get that on your PC.

Delete Warzone Folder from My Documents

You can also try to delete the game folder from My Documents to fix the error code. Go to Documents or My Documents and locate the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder > Delete the folder and try playing the game.

Update the Game and Verify Game Files

Check if there is a new update available for the game and install it. If now, try to repair the game files, in case, there is some corruption.

For players on PS4, you can fix the dev error 5573 by rebuilding the PS4 database or reinstalling the game.

Hope the above solutions might come in handy and keep your experience intact.

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  1. I’ve tried everthing and it wont even run for a minute now as soon as I touch a button it devs out…but same system but my son’s profile it has nothing…I have spent hundreds on this game and there should be a way to fix it I dont just like to lose money I’ve invested in this…..please some one help…I’ve done all the recommended tricks and fixes…I even went on a different console and it was still there..I even lost my disc game due to was only letting me play the free version now its not… please I need help…

  2. A week ago it was happening whenever I start Warzone (MW & CW were fine). And I couldn’t change any skins or loadouts before the games crashed. I deleted the game twice and downloaded it twice, I made sure all drivers are up to date… and played around with a bunch of stuff I read online but to no avail. It seems there was an update a couple of days later and it got fixed.

    Since yesterday, it happens whenever I release the parachute either in pre-game lobby or in game (I mainly play Plunder) … it’s really annoying and I can’t find a way to fix it.

  3. I have this problem since I started playing with the ffar and now it loads the game and in seconds I get the error, it does not allow me to change weapons. Can somebody help me?

    1. same, it keep cutting me off before i can click in and switch my weapons. pls help

  4. Same i am facing , Dev error 5573.
    It Happen 1st time i was in a vehicle(In game) chasing for supply run and pressed Q.Then game crashed.
    now every time it is crashing when pressed Q in game.

  5. To me, it’s when I try to use tactical equipment , I unbinded the key and it seems to work now.
    It’s not a solution, but it lets you play the game

    1. Thanks for sharing it with our users.

  6. Thanks! It was helpful.

  7. Ok so I think its the CW skins I’m using MW skins and using the FFAR and not crashing anymore.

  8. Yes this helped it crashes on PS4 when I use c.w skins and use the FFAR.

    1. Good to know. We will update the post as we know more. Thanks for reading!

  9. For me it’s when I get a loadout at a buy station or interacting with a blue FFAR or it will just do it with no real cause but those 2 things it’s almost a guaranteed crash

    Thanks for this article

    1. Always a pleasure!

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