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Fix Warzone 2 Aim Assist Not Working

Fix Warzone 2 Aim Assist Not Working

Has the aim assist in Warzone 2.0 ceased to work for you? Aim assist appears to be broken in the recent update for Warzone 2 as well as Modern Warfare 2, as gamers are complaining on Twitter. Their complaints mentioned there seems to be a nerf implemented on the Black Ops option for aim assist or it has, for no reason, turned off. Even if the nerf of aim assist isn’t actually there, the new Gyro Aiming feature seems to be at least somewhat to blame.

Disabling Gyro Aiming to Fix Warzone 2.0’s Aim Assist Issues

If you’re having trouble with the aim assist in Warzone 2.0, you need to disable the new Gyro Aiming option in the game’s settings. The features Gyro Behavior and Gravity Vector must be disabled. Normal aim assist can’t be used if Gyro is on, therefore we will advise you that disabling it is a good idea. A video showing how Gyro will disable aim assist on its own was submitted by a Twitter user (see below).

Is Aim Assist Worth It in Warzone 2?

Concerns have been raised about the aim assist feature in both Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2. On Reddit, some users have complained that it favors game consoles over PCs and mice, and keyboards. Tweets suggest that the Black Ops aim assist has been toned down as well. If this is the case, the setting should be reset to its original state. Gyro is also apparently tied to framerates so you need to make a decision about this according to your preferences.

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