Fix Valorant Chat Service Unavailable Error

Valorant Chat Service Unavailable Error

Valorant is in full-swing and it has amassed a mass player base. In fact, years old CS:GO players are migrating to the game. With such a large population jumping into the game, errors and bugs are bound to happen. The recent errors that’s surfaced is the Valorant chat service unavailable. The bug is preventing players from inviting friends or receiving requests from friends. But, this is not a new error with the game. It’s continued from the limited beta of Valorant. Since beta, players have been encountering such problems with the game.

Chatting is an important part of the game due to its strategical nature. But, with the chat functionality compromised, you cannot enjoy the complete experience of the game.  

It’s surprising that Valorant has not yet resolved the error which points towards the fact that we may not receive an official fix any time soon. Regardless, since the error has been prevalent since the beta, there are certain proven fix you can attempt to resolve the chat problem with the game.

What Causes Valorant Chat Service Unavailable Error

One of the reasons this error occurs is if you were banned in League of Legends or any other Riot Games. The ban has continued in Valorant. However, that’s a small population of users. Most people who encounter the Valorant chat service unavailable error have never had a ban history. So, if you have been banned that could be a cause, otherwise, the issue lies elsewhere.

We do not know a lot about the cause of the error, but it could be a chat server problem. This assumption is based on the fact that some users were able to resolve the error by using a VPN. However, the problem could also be with the Valorant client. So, if you are facing the Valorant chat service unavailable error, you can try the below fixes.

Fix 1: Use a VPN before Launching the Game

Now, if this works for you and it has for quite a lot of users, the cause points towards a server problem and there may be other players in your region encountering the same problem. You do not have to purchase a paid VPN to do this. There are plenty of free options available in the market. We have a list of the best free VPN software in the market. You can choose anyone from the list by following the link to the other post. Once you have installed the VPN, install it, and launch it. Most VPNs are plug and play so there’s nothing much you have to do other than selecting the server region. Selection a European location like Germany or France.

Fix 2: Restart the Computer

The Valorant client may be encountering initialization problem, which can be fixed by a simple restart of the system. So, if the VPN did not fix the issue, restart the computer and try running Valorant in admin mode. Most errors in the game can be resolved by a simple restart.

Fix 3: Log-out and Log-back In

This is another fix that has resolved the error for a lot of users. If you have chosen to EXIT TO DESKTOP, relaunch the game and select LOGOUT AND EXIT instead. Launch the Valorant client again and log-in using your credentials. Check if the Valorant chat service unavailable error still occurs.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Game

If all the solutions have failed so far, reinstalling Valorant can fix the issue. Go to Program and Features and uninstall Valorant and Vanguard. We want to perform a clean install of the game. Now, re-download the game. The game should automatically get the latest patch. Now, play and check if the Valorant chat service is working or not.

By now, your error should have resolved. If not, the problem may be out of your hand and an issue with the game. You can raise a ticket with Riot Games and hope they fix the issue in a new patch. Let us know in the comments if you have a more effective solution.

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