Fix Valheim ‘Bed needs nearby fire’ – Can’t Take Fire Indoors

Fire is required nearby for you to sleep in the game. Sleeping regenerates the health and heals any damage in the game, so it’s crucial. However, players are unable to take the fire inside their home. If they keep the fire outside and try to sleep near it, the rain puts off the fire. As such players are wondering what’s wrong and is it something they are doing.

When you have crafted the house and are trying to craft the first bow, the game will tell you Bed needs nearby fire. But, you can’t build the fire on the wood floors of the house. If you are stuck in this situation, keep scrolling as we have a fix for the issue.

How to Build Indoor Fire in Valheim

The message “Bed needs nearby fire” can be confusing for players as they start the game. You require fire close to the bed due to the cold. You cannot sleep in the cold as it will kill you. To prevent that from happening, the game prompt the message, when actually, it wants you to find a source of heat before sleeping.

As you progress in the game, there are various sources of fire and ways to derive heat; however, as you start the options are limited. The torch that you craft initially does not give heat. But, with some creative thinking you can derive heat from the campfire outside. Here is how you can do it and fix the Valheim ‘bed needs nearby fire’ message.

Build the bed close to one of the walls and you will get the prompt message, now, head outside and place the campfire close to the wall with the bed. If you didn’t know, in the game walls do not black heat, so you can derive the heat of the campfire outside and won’t get the message prompt in Valheim.

Later in the game, you will find other ways to keep yourself warm and build a campfire inside, but while starting this is how to sleep without having to take the fire inside.      

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