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Fix Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Connection Error, Can’t Find Data Center

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Connection Error, Can’t Find Data Center

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to the initial title Titanfall. The game is unlike any FPS you have played. With a significantly small size compared to today’s games, the experience on offer was great. The game recently went on discount on Steam and was shorts of a second attempt from the developers to push the game to audience that didn’t play it during the release in 2016. And the response is great so far, but players have been reporting a range of bugs with the game. The most common being the Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Connection Error, Can’t Find Data Center. What is means is that you cannot connect to the servers of the game.

Since this is a connection problem, the natural response of any game will be to troubleshoot the problem and apply general fixes such as switch the type of network connection, restarting network hardware and device, port forwarding, running a game repair, and other in the same realm. However, all efforts are futile and won’t be able to bypass the Can’t find data center error in Titanfall 2. As we browsed through forums, we came up on countless fixes, but regrettably none of them work to resolve the error. So, what is this error and is there a workaround?

Yes, there certainly is a workaround to the problem.

How to Fix Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Connection Error, Can’t Find Data Center

Now, as part of the fix, we are first going to ensure that the Window Firewall or the antivirus is not causing the issue. To do that, turn of the Firewall or Antivirus just for a few minutes and launch the game. Is it working? Yes, then you need to turn on the Firewall back-on and set an exception for Titanfall 2 on the Firewall. If it isn’t working, let us try other things.

When you get the error, don’t immediately close the game wait for a while after it says “contacting respawn servers”.

Sometimes the problem might actually be with your connection so you should follow all the general connection troubleshooting to eliminate your internet connection as a problem. If you require help with this or any other steps, comment and we will share detailed steps.

If the Connection Error, Can’t Find Data Center still appears, restart the system, but before that close everything the game, client, etc. from the Task Manager. After restarting the system and network hardware, relaunch the game.

Try to run the game, the error should have disappeared.

That’s’ all we have in this guide. I hope the error is resolved and you can get back to playing the awesome game that Titanfall 2 is.    

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