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Fix Terraria Lost Connection Error

Fix Terraria Lost Connection

Terraria is an incredible sandbox game that’s nearly a decade old. However, players often encounter issues connecting to the multiplayer of the game and the Terraria Lost Connection error pops up. The error message can arises when trying to join public servers, join friends on Steam or join a self-hosted game. If you have not played the game for a while and the error message appears when you attempt to play, the cause can be an outdated game. The version on your device does not match the one on the server and that’s causing the connection to fail. In such a case, the fix is simple update the game.  

The main cause of this bug appears to be the version mismatch between the people who are trying to play together on Steam. But, that’s not all, connection problems can also be due to a range of other issues from a problem with the ISP, general internet congestion, to internet problems. Stick with us through the post and we will help you resolve the Terraria Lost Connection Error.

How to Fix Terraria Lost Connection Error

As this is a connection problem, there can be various reason for the error. Hence, you must try a bunch of things before the error is resolved and you can play the game. Although the process can be lengthy, you will know what to do the next time you encounter the error. Here are all the solutions you can try to fix Terraria Lost Connection Error.

Check If Game Updates Are Available

To resolve the error, make sure you have the latest version of the game, and if you don’t have the latest version just update your game. This might resolve the error. Also, if you want to play multiplayer, ask your friends to update to the latest version of the game. Both, you and the friends you are trying to play with should have the latest version of the game.

Check Integrity of Game Files

If there is a problem with the game files, either corruption or outdated, Terraria will fail to establish connection. Steam provides you an easy way to repair game files. Follow the below process.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Then locate ‘Terraria’ in your game library, and right-click the mouse button, and click on ‘Properties’. New window will pop-up, named – ‘Terraria Properties’.
  3. Click on ‘Local Files’ on the menu bar of ‘Terraria Properties’.
  4. And then Click on “Verify Integrity of the Game files”, and when you click this make sure that you are not playing ‘Terraria’.
  5. Automatic validation of Terraria game files will begin and make sure that it’s up to the most recent version.

(NOTE: If the game is open, make sure to close it before performing the above steps)

Once everyone in the party that wants to play multiplayer has done this and installed the files of the game, then, the Terraria Lost Connection error should be completely fixed and you should be able to play together with your friends again online.

Make Sure You Have Your Journey Character

If you are attempting to play Journey Mode, you must have a journey character made, because if you don’t have one, this error will pop-up. So make sure that you have your Journey character made and then open the journey mode.

Uninstall the Game and Then Reinstall

Even after trying all the above methods, still the error pop-ups, then the most effective fix is to reinstall the game. This should resolve any steam-related issues.

If nothing has worked so far, it’s worth checking that your internet connection is stable. If you have reliable mobile internet, then, attempt to play the game using the mobile internet. We will update this post when we know more. Meanwhile, if you have a more effective solution, you can share them in the comments.  

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