Fix Resident Evil Village Ray Tracing Not Working Bug

Lately, games have been emphasizing a lot on the ray tracing feature of the RTX cards from Nvidia and we have seen some good titles utilize the feature of the RTX cards, but the difference in appearance in RE8 is limited to specific scenes in the game. In most part of the game, we did not see the ray tracing make much of a difference being enabled or disabled. But that’s another story, a range of players have the ray tracing option greyed out even after having an RTX card. For users without the card, this option is auto disabled.

However, players with the RTX GPU also have the option greyed out and hence, cannot enable the ray tracing option in Resident Evil Village. If you have encountered the Resident Evil Village Ray Tracing not working bug, there is a simple solution.

How to Fix Resident Evil Village Ray Tracing Not Working Bug

This issue is occurring for users who do not have the latest Windows update and therefore, the new and improved version of DirectX12 that the game requires. To fix the Resident Evil Ray Tracing not working bug, you must install the latest Windows update. Once you have the update, the latest DX12 (Oct 20) should be installed and the ray tracing option should appear.

For Nvidia users, there is a new Game Ready Driver available with support for Resident Evil Village. You can get it via GeForce Experience or download it manually by following the link. We suggest that you install that as well for the best performance.  

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