Fix Ori and the Will of the Whisp Crash, Black Screen, FPS Drop, and Stuck on Loading Screen

Ori and the Will of the Whisp is currently available on Steam for a massive discount. You can get the game for a discount of 67%, which is a catch for such a great game. However, there are a range of issues you would not expect with a game that’s past more than a year since initial release. Users are experiencing the Ori and the Will of the Whisp crash, black screen, freeze, and stuck on loading screen. If any of the problem seems like what you have been experiencing, we can help you fix them. Keep scrolling to know more.

Fix Ori and the Will of the Whisp Crash after Black Screen

Players are reporting all types of crash with Ori and the Will of the Whisp. Some while loading specific scenes, after a cut-scene, crash after black screen, or the game crashing with HDR is enabled. Ori and the Will of the Whisp crashes when opening map or pressing tab.

The game does not pair well with overclocking, be it using software like MSI Afterburner or factory overclocking. We suggest that you down-clock or disable GPU tweaking software and try to run the game. Besides overclocking, other software may also interfere with the game causing instability and crash. We suggest you reboot the PC in a clean boot environment and then, attempt to launch the game. It can potentially fix the Ori and the Will of the Whisp Crash after Black Screen.

Another solution for the black screen and subsequent crash at Kwolok is to avoid cut-scenes. Skip the cutscene and you can avoid some known bugs with the game.

If the game is crashing when you press Tab/M to go to maps, it seems like it’s a reported problem with the game and Windows. There is no fix known as of yet. Your only hope is to wait for a patch from the developers. Other option is to play the game on Linux OS with Proton.

Fix Ori and the Will of the Whisp FPS Drop

If you have been experiencing really bad FPS after the recent update, there is a quick fix that the developers have shared and it seems to work for a lot of users. To perform the solution, you will have to open command prompt in admin mode. In the Windows search, type cmd and select Run as administrator. In the command prompt, type bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock and restart the system.

That should fix the Ori and the Will of the Whisp FPS drop.

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