Fix Nioh 2 CE Game Not Starting and xinput1_4.dll Error on Windows 7

Going by the system requirements laid out by the developers, you should not be able to run the game on Windows 7, but we all know that even when the system specifications are not met, games run on non-recommended specification. However, when you try to play, you might see the Nioh 2 CE game not starting and xinput1_4.dll error. If you are on the same boat, there is a simple fix you can apply. Keep scrolling to know how to run Nioh 2: The Complete Edition on Windows 7.

How to Fix Nioh 2 CE Game Not Starting and xinput1_4.dll Error on Windows 7

To fix the Nioh 2 CE (The Complete Edition) game not starting and xinput1_4.dll error on Windows 7, you need to first go to System32 folder on your PC and locate the xinput1_3.dll file. The location should be C:\Windows\System32

Locate and copy the xinput1_3.dll file. Now open the install location of the game (Steam Library > Nioh 2 > Properties > Browse Local Files) and paste the file next to the game’s executable. After pasting the file, rename xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_4.dll. Now, attempt to play the game and the errors should not occur. You should be able to play smoothly.

However, if there is a problem, here are additional steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to Windows Update, check for update and install every available update.
  2. Visit the link the get the latest DirectX11 for Windows 7.
  3. Provide Admin privilege to the game. Go to the game executable and right-click > select Properties > Compatibility tab > check Run this program as an administrator.

That’s all, you should be able to run Nioh 2 on Windows 7 without the xinput1_4.dll error.  

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