Fix Naraka: Bladepoint Failed to Login and Failed Connection to Servers

Rachel Zang
Rachel Zang

Naraka: Bladepoint is currently topping the Steam charts. It went down briefly after the launch of Humankind but it has again retained its spot. The concurrent players on the game are over 100K, which is an amazing feat for any game. But, a lot of users have been complaining of issues with the game such as the Naraka: Bladepoint Failed to Login issue and another error that occurs when players attempt to login, the Naraka: Bladepoint failed connection to servers. Both the error in the game make it impossible to play as you are disconnected from the server and cannot login.

Some users who were able to login get disconnected mid-game during a fight, which is frustrating to say the least. If you have encountered these issue here are some things you should know.

Naraka: Bladepoint Failed to Login and Failed Connection to Servers Fix

The most likely cause of both the above errors is a server problem. There are over 100K players on the game at peak hours and sometimes even more. It can strain the server and cause all sorts of problems. One of them causing connectivity problems with the server. The huge amounts of players may also have filled all the slots and the game just does not have enough slots for new players, which is why you are unable to login or getting disconnected from the server.

To fix the Naraka: Bladepoint Failed to Login and Failed Connection to Servers errors, you need to have patience. The most effective solution that’s emerged is to keep retrying or play at a time when there are fewer players. Under most circumstances, the error gets resolved on its own and does not require any troubleshooting.

If the error continues, another solution that’s worked for users is to use a VPN. It goes without saying that if there is a problem with your internet connection, you can also see the error in that case. Mostly, you don’t need to do anything and the error will resolve on its own.

If you continue to have the error for a long time, it is wise to check the servers as they may be down. At this time, there is no Downdetector page for the game or any other reliable website. So, the best place to get updates is Twitter.

In most cases, the login issue with the game is a result of a server glitch, downtime, or lack of slots for new players. Keep retrying to connect if the server is online and you should eventually bypass the error.      

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