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Fix Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Can’t Change Resolution, and No Native Resolution Option

Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Can’t Change Resolution Fix

Monster Hunter Rise demo has arrived on PC and consists of four quests including the training. We have been waiting for this game for a while to come to PC. But, as the game is a Switch port, some issues are bound to exist, but the Fullscreen problem with the game can be fixed on the user end. When we first booted the game, we faced the same problem. The Fullscreen mode did not adjust to the native resolution and that stretched the screen, making the game blurry and visually appalling. But, there is a simple fix you can apply. Keep reading.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Can’t Change Resolution Fix

When you launch the game and it appears blurry, the most likely cause is that the game is not set to the right resolution and the game is stretching a lesser resolution to match your screen. To confirm, go to the Options Menu > Display > Resolution Settings. It’s likely that your native resolution is not available. The max resolution available to us was 1366×768. Here is how to fix Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo can’t change resolution issue.

  1. Launch the Steam Client and go to Libarary
  2. Right-click on Monster Hunter Rise Demo > Properties > Local Files > click on Browse
  3. Right-click on ‘MonsterHunterRiseDemo’ > Properties
  4. Go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab
  5. Click on ‘Change high DPI settings’
  6. In the new window, check both the options under ‘Program DPI’ and ‘High DPI scaling override’

Save the changes you have made and exit. Run the game and go to the graphics settings. You will see improved visuals and when you check resolution, the native resolution will be set as default. We hope the guide has resolved the Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo can’t change the resolution issue.    

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