Fix Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network Inquiry Code 001013000

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

The new title from Marvel has been released and a lot of players who attempted to play the game reported getting the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network Inquiry Code 001013000 error. There are two main reasons for the error – a problem with the servers or the user’s connection. As this is a mobile game, a lot of users choose to play it using the mobile internet which can be volatile as it relies on the network which can fluctuate depending on where you are located. Stick with this post and we will share a range of solutions to resolve the error on both Android and iPhone (iOS).

Marvel Future Revolution – How to Fix Unstable Network Inquiry Code 001013000

As mentioned earlier, the error can appear due to a server problem or the user’s internet connection. To save you from useless troubleshooting, we suggest that you first check the server. The best place to do it is the official Twitter handle of the game. If there is any downtime or glitch with the server that causing the error, it would be reported there.

  • Check the status of the servers.
  • Let the game rest for a while and return back.

While it’s possible a server issue can result in the error, the most likely cause would be a problem with the user’s internet or the device. Sometimes, when the device has been running for a while without a restart the internet speed can drop, which can be causing the issue.

  • Restart the Android phone or iPhone
  • Try to switch the ISP. If you are using Wi-Fi switch of mobile hotspot or vice versa

If the above solutions have failed, there may be a problem with the application itself. In that case, the best option is to reinstall the application. Force close the game and try to start it again. If the error occurs perform the reinstall.

  • Reinstall Marvel Future Revolution

We hope that the above solutions have resolved the Marvel Future Revolution Unstable Network Inquiry Code 001013000. If not wait for a few days before trying the game. It’s possible that the issue is on the server end. The game is still new and may be unstable. Wait for the first patch and then, play the game.

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