Fix It Takes Two Error Code CE-36475-5 on PS4

It Takes Two is the latest co-op title to hit Steam. The game has received incredible reception and is currently topping the Steam global charts. However, some players who got to playing on the PS4 are getting the It Takes Two Error Code CE-36475-5. One of the reasons you could be getting the error is when you have installed the game on an external hard drive. If that’s the case, install the game on internal storage. If it’s on internal and you’re still getting the error, here are some solutions you can try.

Besides installing the game on the internal hard driver, also ensure that your saves are not going to the external hard driver as that’s also known to cause the error. If you meet the above recommendation and the It Takes Two Error Code CE-36475-5 still occurs, then, you may have to reinstall the game.

Fortunately, reinstalling the game on the internal storage of the PS4 seems to fix the issue completely, so try that and the error should not occur. If it does, let us know in the comments.    

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