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Fix Horizon Zero Dawn Missing d3d12.dll & Anisotropic Filter Not Working

Fix Horizon Zero Dawn Missing d3d12.dll & Anisotropic Filter Not Working

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great game and players on PS4 have enjoyed it for years, but the PC port launch has been far from smooth. The game lags, stutters, and fails to maintain a steady frame rate. However, those are not the only problems with the game. Horizon Zero Dawn Anisotropic Filter not working is a confirmed bug by the developers. And then there is the missing d3d12.dll and the “Driver out of date” error when actually the system is up-to-date. These are some of the problems we will attempt to resolve for you in this guide. Stick around and we will share provides fixes to resolve the Anisotropic Filter bug and d3d12.dll missing in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Fix Horizon Zero Dawn Anisotropic Filter Not Working

The Anisotropic Filter is an in-game feature in Horizon Zero Dawn. Enabling this graphics technology allows the player to enhance the image quality of textures making the game appear visually more vivid and real-like. But, players who enabled the feature from the game settings, didn’t see any difference in the game play. Later, it was confirmed by the developers there is an error with the graphics settings.

However, we have certain fix you can try to resolve the error. If the in-game Anisotropic Filters are not working, you can enable it through the graphics card settings, especially for Nvidia users. Unfortunately, we do not have much to help AMD graphics card users at this point.

For Nvidia users, you can follow the below steps to try and fix the Horizon Zero Dawn Anisotropic Filter not working bug.

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Expand 3D Settings
  3. Go to Manage 3D settings
  4. Click on Program Settings
  5. Select Horizon Zero Dawn under Select a program to customize
  6. Under Specify the settings for this program, locate Anisotropic filtering
  7. Click on it and set it to 16x
  8. Click on Apply to save the settings and exit.

That’s it, this should fix the bug with the game and you should see a difference in the in-game graphics.

Fix Horizon Zero Dawn Missing d3d12.dll

d3d12.dll is associated with DirectX 12 and is part of the Direct3D 12 Runtime. As you probably already know, DirectX 12 is among the minimum requirements to play the game. If you are trying to run the game on Windows 7, you do not have DirectX 12 and hence are encountering the Horizon Zero Dawn missing d3d12.dll error. You can fix the issues by simply switching over to Windows 10. If you have been thinking it over, maybe it’s time you make the switch because more and more new games are not supporting Windows 7 and a time may arrive soon when only a few games support Windows 7.

This is the simplest and probably the only fix for the d3d12.dll missing error. If you know any other way to fix the error, you can suggest in the comments below.

Fix Horizon Zero Dawn Driver Out of Date Error

A relatively scarce error, but some users are encountering the “Driver out of date” error with Horizon Dawn Error. The best way to fix it is to completely reinstall the graphics driver. To perform the process, you have to first uninstall the current version of the driver and download a fresh copy of the latest driver. For Nvidia users, you don’t have to perform the uninstall, instead, choose clean install from custom settings while installing. This will fix the driver out of date error.

That’s it in this guide, we hope your Horizon Zero Dawn missing d3d12.dll & Anisotropic Filter not working error.

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  1. I tried on Win7, in installed directory i put missing appropriate (version) files D3D12.dll, api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll, msvcp_win.dll (also appropriate VC++ Redist must be installed, i think is 2015-2019)…And when i run the EXE, for know this is OK…..BUT next error message box is appeared, and that is “The procedure entry point SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll”…In Win7 into USER32.dll that function not exist….It will be nice if someone could remove that function from EXE file and try to run it.

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