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How to Kill Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn PC

How to Kill Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn PC

The Thunderjaw is a menacing beast in Horizon Zero Dawn and when you come across one you need to know how to kill it. There are several confirmed drops that you get once you finish off the robot. Stick with the guide and we will show you how to kill the Thunderjaw using two distinct strategies in Horizon Zero Dawn.  

How to Kill Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn PC

There are two strategies to kill the Thunderjaw. One if fairly ease as you just have to plant the bombs and know the Lure Call skill. The other is a one-o-one battle that involves risk, but is more fun. So let’s have a look at the easiest way first.  

Start the mission to kill Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn by placing the 15 bombs around the beast and use the Lure Call to lure it to the bombs. You still have not learned the Lure Call skill, you can do it at the forage skill tree. While placing the bombs, ensure they are in close proximity so they have a combined effect. Placing them far apart will not kill the Thunderjaw.

Get behind the bombs in a safe distance and make the call, the Thunderjaw will approach right towards you and as soon as it hits the bombs, it will be decimated.

You receive 9 items upon its death – Metal Shards, +27% Resist Shock Weave, +44%Corruption Coil, +43% Shock Coil, Crystal Braiding, Echo Shell (Resource 92/100), Blaze, Chillwater, and Sparker.

To start off with the second strategy, you need to knock off the two disks launchers mounted on the Thunderjaw. The first disk is fairly easy as it can be done in stealth, but once you take out the first the beast will charge at you. Take care of the second disk as soon as possible. These disks will be your primary weapon to kill the Thunderjaw.

Head over to one of the disks and start firing, dodge any attacks and when the ammo runs out on the first disk, pick up the second. Keep firing at the Thunderjaw and eventually, it will fall not to rise up again. So, that’s how you kill a Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn PC. You could also use the Tie Rope Heavy arrows to tie down the beast for easy killing.  

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