Fix Hitman 3 ‘Connection Failed’ Error

Hitman 3 is a single players game, which usually means being able to play offline. And its part true, you can play the game offline, but the complete experience of the game that includes unlocking achievements and challenges only happens when you play online. Your progress is not tracked when you play offline. However, when players attempt to get online, they are getting the Hitman 3 ‘Connection Failed’ error. If you are getting the same error, we have certain things you can try.

Fix Hitman 3 ‘Connection Failed’ Error

To fix the Hitman 3 “Connection Failed” error, we suggest you first try this workaround. Launch the game in offline mode and play until the game saves once. Now, jump out of the game normally, reboot the game and the launcher. Now the game should allow you to create an account. Log-in with the account and you should be able to get online.

As the game has just launched, the servers are experiencing a lot of strain which could be causing connectivity problem. You may be able to resolve it by retrying. SO, hit the ‘Retry’ button and check if the error still occurs. You may have to retry a few times before the game lets you get online.

If there is a problem with your internet, the connection failed error message can show up. Therefore, you must verify that your internet connection is stable. Ideally, try to play the game over a wired connection. The Wi-Fi can be unstable at times leading to problems connecting to game servers.

Server problems with new games is quite likely and the best place to monitor any downtime or information with the game is the IO Interactive Twitter handle. The company is prompt in information about server issues and the progress achieved. At the time of writing, there are some server problems going on which should be resolved in the next few days.

Here is what the complete error message reads, “Unable to connect to the Hitman service. Failed to fetch version information for the Hitman server. Please check your internet connection. For more information, contract Hitman support.”

The error message makes it clear that the servers are unable to identify the version of the game on the client’s system, which is caused by a connection problem, either due to a server issue or an internet connection issue on the client end.

Right now, you can choose to play the game offline, while waiting for the issue to be resolved. But, in order to get the full features of the game you may have to repeat the game when the issue has been resolved. As you are not connected to the servers, your progress will not be tracked and hence, if you want to compete with other’s score, you will have to play when you can get online.

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope one of the solutions worked for you to fix Hitman 3 ‘Connection Failed’ Error. If not, you can contact IO Interactive for better resolution or wait for the issue to be fixed on its own. Check out the game category for more informative guides and error resolution.   

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