Fix Hitman 3 “Failed to fetch profile information from the hitman server”

The decision to allow carryover from the previous two titles of the Hitman series have been causing problem since day-one of the game’s release. Initially, players could not complete the process due to various server issues. Players who completed the transfer are not reporting of another issue, the Hitman 3 “Failed to fetch profile information from the hitman server.” They are getting this error after completing the transfer. The good news is IO Interactive are aware of the issue and it will eventually be fixed, but until then they have advised a workaround for PS5 users. Stick with us through the post and we will share the IOI fix as well as others that can resolve the bug from the game.

Fix Hitman 3 “Failed to fetch profile information from the hitman server”

Even through there have been several assurances from IO Interactive, the servers problems seems to escalate than reduce. Initially, players were having difficulty connection to their account, but now, there are constant disconnects and players are unable to continue with the game. The error message that’s common across platforms is the Hitman 3 ‘Failed to fetch profile information from the hitman server.’

IO Interactive’s fix for PS5 reads, “There’s a possible workaround but it will potentially delete your H3 save games and resets all settings to default. On the PS5 menu, go to Settings > Storage > Saved Data and then delete the H3. This won’t affect any of your progression, only the ‘local’ files.”

If you are unable to play the game, we suggest that you try using a different account with which you didn’t attempt the transfer and you should be able to get online and continue with the game. For those who have not made the transfer yet, we suggest that you postpone it for later when the servers are fixed and stable, until then, get online and play the current title. IOI should resolve the issue in a few days, you can then initiate the carryover.

Another solution you can try to fix the Hitman 3 “Connection Failed. Failed to fetch profile information from the hitman server” error, is to launch the game in offline mode and play until the game saves once. Now, jump out of the game normally, reboot the game and the launcher. Now the game should allow you to create an account. Log-in with the account and you should be able to get online.

As the game has just launched, the servers are experiencing a lot of strain which could be causing connectivity problem. You may be able to resolve it by retrying. SO, hit the ‘Retry’ button and check if the error still occurs. You may have to retry a few times before the game lets you get online.

If there is a problem with your internet, the connection failed error message can show up. Therefore, you must verify that your internet connection is stable. Ideally, try to play the game over a wired connection. The Wi-Fi can be unstable at times leading to problems connecting to game servers.

Server problems with new games is quite likely and the best place to monitor any downtime or information with the game is the IO Interactive Twitter handle. The company is prompt in information about server issues and the progress achieved. At the time of writing, there are some server problems going on which should be resolved in the next few days.

Needless to say, the problem is with IO Interactive and not your system. It should not be long before they address the issue. Since, a lot of people have been able to transfer their progress from the previous game and get online, which was not the case during the first day, it suggests that IOI is working on the problem. Just hold tight and be patient, the issue should be resolved sooner than later.

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