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Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching As PMC

Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching As PMC

Escape from Tarkov players are having to wait abysmal amounts to time to get into a raid, but even the waiting does not guarantee a match. Some players have reported waiting for over 50 minutes and the game still won’t find a match or allow them to join raid. Player are stuck at the main screen with the game trying to find a match. Both the SCAV and PMC seem to be affected by the issue, but the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching appears to be more common with PMC class. If you have encountered the Escape from Tarkov infinite matching glitch, stick with the post as we will tell you all about the issue and share workarounds.

Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching Glitch as PMC

As a general rule of thumb, if your matching time is going north of 10 min, something is wrong and you should not wait any longer. If the game fails to find the match during the first 10 minutes, you may have encountered the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in matching glitch. The first thing you should do is exit the game and start again.  

Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching As PMC

While it’s possible that the game could be bugged, the time when the problem occurs can indicate to different causes. Under most circumstances, users have to bear the long waiting time after a recent update or wipe. After the update last month, reports of the EFT infinite matchmaking took off and the only logical reason can be the servers are overburdened with returning players. The servers are at maximum capacity that’s causing matchmaking problems, but we don’t think that BSG would increase the server capacity for the seasonal players. Within a few weeks after the update, these players would leave again and the servers would be back to functioning normally.

If the matchmaking is bugged, the matchmaking problem can occur, but chances of that happening is quite rare and should not be the case now. In any case, the issue is on server end and there is not much you can do.

Finally, the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in Matching can also occur when there are not enough player. As the game is failing to find the required number of players, it’s unable to start a raid for you.

The issue with matching seems to affect PMC most of the time and if you switch to SCAV, you should be able to join a game in seconds. There is a workaround that people are taking about on the web. Hopefully, it proves helpful in bypassing the problem with the game.

To fix the EFT infinite matchmaking, we suggest that you first reboot the game and attempt to join again. For a lot of players it’s a simple glitch and a simple reboot of the game does the trick. If that does not work – launch the game and start to join as SCAV, but before it loads back out and select PMC.

We hope that the above workaround proves helpful, but it’ll only work if the game is bugged. However, if the Escape from Tarkov Stuck in matching problem is caused by too many or too few players, there is nothing you can do on your end, other than waiting for the issue to resolve on its own.

Under most circumstances and like in the past, the matching problem usually does away after a few weeks after the update. So, you should not stress yourself too much. In due time, the issue will resolve itself.   

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