Fix DOOM Eternal ‘Unable to Contact Game Services’ Error

April 13, 2020 By Harsh Clif
DOOM Eternal 'Unable to Contact Game Services'

DOOM Eternal has crossed the hundred thousand mark on Steam. Without doubt, it would be the most successful title this year. However, the last thing you expect when you boot up the game is ‘Unable to contact game services’ error. The error would prevent you from progressing in the game and kicking demon ass. Nothing to worry though, we have some fix that can help fix the error.

The error message appears like this “Unable to contact game services. Online rewards, XP, and other online progress will not be saved and online features will be unavailable until the game returns online.”

How to Resolve the ‘Unable to Contact Game Services’ Error in DOOM Eternal

An hindrance between the client and the host server leads to the ‘Unable to contact game services’ error. It can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as ISP saturation, general network error, or weak Wi-Fi signal, among a number of other things. The error also emerge when there is a problem on the server end and the game is down for maintenance.

If you have encountered this error, the fixes you can try are:

Verify your Internet Connection

As the main cause of this error can be tied to a disconnect with the Bethesda server, the first step is to check the internet connection and its speed. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, try shifting to a wired connection. Ensure no bandwidth intensive tasks are running in the background such as video streaming, file sharing, or torrenting. Try playing other online games to verify the quality of the connection. If all this fails, try the next fix.

Update the Game

It’s a no brainer, you should have the latest patch of the game installed. If you have not done this, it could be causing the error.  The game updates automatically, but if you have stopped auto-updates or it not functioning as desired, it can cause the error. Make sure the latest patch is installed.

Finally, if nothing else has worked, the problem might be on the server end and there is little you can do. You can check the status of the game via Downdetector website or the official Twitter account of DOOM. Check if the servers are down for scheduled maintenance and when it will be back online.

TIP: If none of the methods have resolved the issue for you, we recommend using CCleaner which can reduce errors & crashes, besides speeding up the system.

This ends our guide on the ‘Unable to Contact Game Services’ Error in DOOM Eternal.