Fix CS:GO d3dx9_43.dll Error and Audio Problems

As you would have guessed the CS:GO C:\Windows\System32\d3dx9_43.dll Error is caused due to missing, corrupted, or overwritten DLL file. There are several reasons why a DLL error can occur; however, the fix for the issue is quite simple. Under normal circumstance, there are several things you can do to fix the missing or corrupted d3dx9_43.dll in CS:GO, but to resolve the issue fast we will suggest the most effective solution in this guide. So, stick around with the post and we will help you fix CS:GO d3dx9_43.dll Error and Audio Problems.

Fix CS:GO d3dx9_43.dll Error and Audio Problems

A number of users have reported that updating the DirectX library is ineffective in resolving the CS:GO d3dx9_43.dll Error. When that fails, users are tempted to perform Google search and download the specific DLL from a third-party website, but we do not suggest that. It’s not a wise step and can be dangerous.

The quickest way to fix the error is to download the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) from the official Microsoft website, open the file in WinRAR and extract After you have extracted the file, locate the d3dx9.dll, and copy-paste it to the game install directory.

When pasting the file, there might be an OS prompt to replace or rename, chose to replace the existing file with new. That’s it the CS:GO missing DLL error would be resolved. Launch the game and see for yourself.

Beside the above solution, you can also perform DISM and SFC command that can detect problems with DLL files and fix them. Now, let’s have a look at the audio problems in CS:GO – Operation Broken Fang.

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